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 Posted: Thu Oct 3rd, 2013 12:59 pm
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
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Here is where it may be a good idea (competitive idea) to begin recognizing which words are very useful to defenders of Liberty and therefore the Legal Criminals will corrupt those specific words so as to cover up their falsehoods with half truths.

The genuine word covers up the crime done by those who invent counterfeit versions of the word.

Federalist and Anti-Federalist, for example, are good studies on this theme.

I think the word Democracy ought to be studied too, because this word can divide The People roughly in half, as one half is then set against the other half, and those few who manage to accomplish that deception, with that one word, are then in a position to overpower the two halves (see Hegelian Dialectic, Divide and Conquer, Thesis - Antithesis = synthesis).

I started on Democracy Here

I cut and pasted the basic idea as follows:

Failure to recognize the true meaning of democracy is predicated upon the ignorance of sharing a belief in the false, counterfeit, meaning.

False meaning

Level 1:

Democracy is Mob Rule whereby a nebulous entity known as The Majority is ambiguously in the wrong concerning a nebulous entity known as The Minority.

Level 2:
Democracy is Mob Rule, whereby The Majority (a list of names of actual people) perpetrates crimes upon innocent minorities (a list of names of actual people).

True meaning

Democracy is the sum total of moral power acted out by individual people as moral people interpose their will between criminals and innocent victims in such a way as to effectively prevent crime.

Note: There are no degrees of falsehood associated with the true meaning of democracy, since the false (counterfeit) version at Level 1 is further from the truth, and the Level 2 version of false democracy (counterfeit democracy) is closer to the truth, or in some way, as the saying goes, half true.

There is typically some truth to any lie, so as to afford the lie a measure of false legitimacy.



A person in a group reports to the other members in the group that The Constitution was, in demonstrable fact, a usurpation of Liberty. Everyone in the group, other than the one person reporting the facts, focuses their own, individual, aggressive thoughts upon the one reporting the facts, and then the Mob becomes Angrier, as the level of aggression feeds upon itself as a collective, self-sustaining, self-accelerating, emotional state of shared hate, until a point is reached whereby one person in the group begins to escalate the power of shared hatred to a point of aggressive action, and the end result is that the reporter who reported the facts is tortured and murdered by being hung for many seconds on the end of a rope, perhaps an hour of hanging, in pain, by a rope, strung from a tree, or a fire is set ablaze under the still alive hanging focus of all that collective hate.

That is supposedly a case of democracy according to those who counterfeit the meaning of the word, as the word dates back to, at least, ancient Athens, Greece.

DEMOCRACY (not counterfeit meaning not willfully false) based upon common sense, common law, natural law, God's law, reason, genetics, morality, etc.:

An illustration of a counter to the false, and counterfeit meaning, is such that another, more powerful group, which may actually be one person, interposes their power of moral law, cuts down the reporter of fact, before the reporter of fact is dead, and the democrat in that case, employing democracy, gives himself, or herself license, and authority, to democratize the situation, by freeing that victim from that group of criminals. The democrat doing the democratizing of that situation can claim that moral people are the majority of people as moral people don't go around torturing and hanging people who merely report the facts to criminals who may not want to confess to their own accountability concerning the crimes that are currently being perpetrated by criminals who may be merely following orders, or who may be willfully targeting innocent people for the fun and profit they enjoy as they consume their victims.

Why does it take 12 (a group) to hang someone and only 1 (an individual) to defend Liberty in the case of reasonable doubt concerning innocence?

I don't know if that report above will bear witness, at all, these days.

A shared lie is not far from shared hatred of innocence.

These words offered may as yet fail to convey accurate meaning.

Democracy was, and is, in a true sense, the understanding that human beings could not thrive, multiply, produce, prosper, and leave a higher standard of living, and lower cost of living for posterity, without LEVERAGE in the form of a greater portion of the number of total human beings BEING created with MORAL character.

If we are all beasts, or if the greater number of us are beasts (Central Bankers?) then we eat each other down to the last 2, and then those last two had better realize the absolute necessity of Natural or God's LAW whereby MORALITY, which is built into our genetics naturally, or our souls by God's intelligent design, it does not matter where the MORAL impulse is created, it exists as fact, and then 2 people can look at each other, and they can realize, in fact, that to injure the other is to injure one's self.

How is that not painfully obvious?

Violence begets violence.

If a person is born naturally, nourished, and not a MUTANT born with half a brain (literally/clinically/ and accurately measurable as a sociopath or Central Banker brained, insane, pshycopath) then any act of aggression upon another person will actually begin the process of destroying what Nature or what God put into your being - morality.

Violence begets violence.

If it was difficult to follow orders without question ordering you to torture and murder one person, orders handed down to you by some Dictator, or some Employer, or some Central Banker, or some Insane Monster hiding behind a very thin veil of false authority, then having done the deed, standing there with the ear piercing memory of screams emitted by the tortured victim still reverberating within your now tortured memory, as the murdered, innocent victim, perhaps a baby, a child, whoever, lays dead under your Jack Boots, how hard is the next one, and the next, and the next, in logical, reasonable order, as the single act become massive acts of massive torture and murder?

Morality is the power that preserves innocence. Do you stand idle, speak not, hear not, see not, as a child is being tortured and burned right in front of you? What is the power at work forcing you to make it your business to stop such insanity?

What were the Nazi "citizens" thinking?

Are you failing to realize, even now, that it is "US" doing the Legal torturing and murdering? Yesterday is gone, who is on the rack today?

Ask the authorities?

How much is a lie worth?

Burning people alive after experimenting on, and torturing church goers for months, and then imprisoning those whose crime was to survive?

What do you think the Reality Television Show knowable as The Sinful Messiah was designed to accomplish in the minds of everyone bearing witness to The Waco Holocaust?

You pay these extortion fees known falsely called Federal Income Taxes. The criminals collecting these extortion fees then buy very high paid torturers, scientists who use human beings as experiments, and mass murderers to kill your fellow members of The People.

Where was the Sheriff then?

Where was the posse then?

Where was the common law then?

Where was the Grand Jurors then?

You want to know where I was?


I was working construction hours that were killing me to afford raising kids, a modicum of happiness, paying the overt and the covert extortion fees, and trying to convince my wife that I had to get my M1 Garand, such as the one I purchased through the Department of Civilian Marksmanship, and join the armed march on Washington called for by Linda Thomson.

I had my VHS copies of these:

Waco The Big Lie

The march on Washington did not materialize, but I called the number offered, there were not enough people (PEERS?) ready to do the right thing then.

So I ran for Congress later, in 1996, and my campaign THEME was "It is not nice to torture and murder babies in a church."

Who would ever elect a "Conspiracy Theorist"?

Up to that point, that American version of Nazism, right there in Texas, I had already learned enough to know the meaning of False Flag.

Now I know more.

That is where I was, if it helps answer any doubts concerning this particular message delivery boy. 

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