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 Posted: Thu Jun 27th, 2013 02:24 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Pending Collapse or Golden Opportunity?
News travels fast, but propaganda travels faster when the criminals take over. Such is our fate when Liberty is forsaken, dropped like an old shoe, in favor of investments in lies. When the liars who invent the best lies are given the opportunity to fix their own pay rates, they don’t, they raise their pay instead. How well does that work, and what can be expected from liars?
So the question is asked, and not by me alone, how much longer can the investors in lies and the investors in wars that are so good for the economy, how much longer can we, you know we, how much longer can we the people afford to keep on giving while the measurable benefits dry up, as the supply of ready victims are merely corpses rotting in the sun…who is going to be left to do the actual work?
What happens when the supply of frauds, robbers, pedophiles, rapists, kidnappers, slave masters, extortionists, drug pushers, torturers, serial killers, and war makers, for fun and profit, all made legal, reaches that condition of oversupply? When is it enough? When is it no longer beneficial to pay those high rates for all that crime perpetrated by those in office? When do we no longer get paid anything in return?
What happens after the fall?
What happens when the demand for very high paid liars in public office (hired to cover up all the other crimes - crimes made legal) peters out? What happens next? This process of consuming the productive capacity of honest human effort reaches the point of collapse. The inevitable result of the law of diminishing returns takes hold. That beast won't let go without an inspired return to honest, productive, effort. Then what? Do we demand more of the same crime hidden behind false authority in a different suit, with a different flag, and another color of fraud money?
Do we get a new song to sing with the same old tune?
What happens when everyone and their mom have joined in the fun and profits of making war ever so good for someone’s economy? When there are no longer any hapless victims left: what next boss? When no one is left footing the bill, paying the National Debt, on schedule, as they are told to do, is it then time for a vacation? While the most effective tax evaders are giving themselves the highest pay rates for jobs done to a high degree of competitive excellence, while that is going on, many are inspired to join the fun. When the two party system of masters and slaves runs out of slaves, the party is over.
Now what?
In fact, in reality, coming to a theater near you, very bad things happen when the hired liars grow too fat with stupidity, greed, reckless abandon, carelessness, and insanity, finding their way into your church, as in Waco, your home, as in the Vicky Weaver case, or in your building, everything falling down around you, as in 911, for fun and profit, for war, for might making right, right in your life, and right now.
Who do you call?
Will you try calling 911 like the Branch Davidians did in Waco?
“They're still attacking.”
“There's a chopper with more of 'em.”
“Another chopper with more people--More guns goin' off. Here they come!"
“More firing!”
“We’re not firing…that’s not us, that’s them.”
When does the pendulum swing too far into mass insanity, passing the point of no return, where those who produce anything worth stealing are outnumbered, and outgunned against those who make stealing legal, and like rats on a sinking ship the remaining survivors have nothing to eat but each other?
When do those honest enough to admit the existence of responsibility take the time to look in the mirror and affect an accurate accounting?
If done, if done well, is it remotely possible that the accounting process discovers opportunity instead of absolute abject belief in falsehood without question?
Could there be, there in the mirror, a source of hope, of competitive invention, a spark of such incredible power as to cause within the observer acknowledgement of a reasonable path to take in avoidance of all the doom and gloom; is it remotely possible? Is there new light on the path that does not require the nailing of innocent people to crosses?
Is there a way to avoid nailing anyone, guilty or not, to crosses, a way to avoid making torture legal, for fun, and for profit?
No way Jose, you utopian dreamer, you fool, and you who defines the meaning of a conspiracy theorist?
Why not consider the possible ramifications of a National Debt that becomes obviously unaffordable for anyone anywhere, and in that moment of clarity there is then a demand for a replacement, and at that moment of clarity, seeking that as yet mysterious supply to fit the demand, the observer considers reaching for a competitive option rather than the one option forced into use by the same known criminals? Why not? The same known liars, the same people, or even better liars, having the old worn out ones sent to the pasture, old ones, or new ones with new uniforms, or new symbols on their stationary, new flags, new versions of the same old thing, only this time the promise is going to pan out as advertised, this time, so forget about last time, this time the same old solution won’t result in the same old result, this time the final solution will work?
Hurray, where is my new flag!
Why not invent something competitive to compare to the one final solution this time?
Instead of a single source of only one thing, how about running a competitive version up against the one final solution, this time?
Instead of obey without question, this time, how about invention, and competition?
When the door opens, when the old boss is collapsed and out of fashion, when the dollar in the form of a fraudulent Federal Reserve Note, with the National Debt Clock still ticking, is put to rest, discarded, collapsed in upon itself, then, at that moment, as the door is open, and before the new final solution to all our economic problems is ushered into place, during that window of opportunity, before then becomes now,  before before becomes after, before the brain trust trusts in monopoly again, how about competition instead of monopoly? When that happens, that way, as unbelievable, as utopian, as dreamlike, as it may seem at first blush, what would happen then when competition offers many things instead of just offering one thing?
When a Republic such as Utah offers investors options in the form of bank accounts where deposits of earnings are redeemable in Gold and Silver and that offering competes with whatever the new form of the final solution might be, then, as that competitor, in that form, offers an alternative to more National Debt based fraud money. At the same time a Republic like Alaska may offer a competitive edge with petroleum backed money for investors, and at the same time a Republic like California may make moves to back their offers to investors with a renewed Space Industry, and a growing Solar Panel industry, and an Electric Car industry, or who knows what may be offered from an independent Republic if one exists because The People demand one, or two, or 50, all nice and comfortable, and secure, in a mutually defensive,  voluntary, association, or Federation.
Imagine the possibilities?
No, no, no, don’t throw me into that collapse, please; what would I do without high paid liars offering broken promises that never end?

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