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 Posted: Wed May 23rd, 2018 02:03 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Analogy attempt 2

A stretch of fast road leads straight up a blind hill. A bridge spans a deep ravine just after the blind hill. The bridge is out. There is a sign placed along the fast part of the road warning fast drivers: "Bridge OUT," and "Slow Down!"

A hospital hires a marketing firm in the town past the bridge: to drum up business, as the hospital is suffering a shortage of patients needing medical care.

A creative advertisement worker begins an advertising campaign, involving free check-ups offered at the hospital, and these free check-ups are worth 100 dollars.

The advertiser carelessly places a sign over the "Bridge Out," and "Slow down!" signs on the fast road leading up the blind hill before the collapsed bridge. The sign reads: "Free $100 ahead, Hurry!" More signs are planned further down the road, planned by the creative, but careless, advertisement worker.

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