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 Posted: Wed Apr 20th, 2016 05:44 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Power is required. An example of required power is the power of awareness. Awareness is a power required in order for the power of will to work. Absent the power of awareness there is nothing for the power of will to do in time and place. There is also a requirement for the power of accurate discernment. Lacking the power of accurate discernment: the power of awareness can be a false signal inspiring - empowering - the power of will, leading to unintended consequences resulting from misled actions.

Lacking the power of accurate discernment opens the door that enables deception.

An example is demanded in cases where sceptics seek information to feed the power of information into the gears of accurate discernment. For that demand of an example, history provides the deception known as the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Those moments in time and place constitute one of the most destructive mass deceptions perpetrated upon mankind, and therefore this specific example of deception serves the purpose of feeding information into the grinding maw of accurate discernment in the extreme, rather than picking out an insignificant deception, such as might happen when a small child is fearful of punishment for having eaten the forbidden cookies.

Cookies still in mouth, cookie still in hand, other hand still in cookie jar, the child, when asked, says no mom, it was not me, I did not take the cookies. See how that power words internally too, please. The same child may then drop the cookies, shut his eyes, close his mouth, cover his ears, and wish away any consequence for his self propelled actions based upon whatever power is at work on a living being whereby those actions are not perceived well by other living beings sharing a similar power of free will.

Go now to an example of the information that inculpates the deceivers during that example event of extremely destructive deception, and become aware, feed your power of awareness, make awareness work toward accurate discernment, and by that powerful process your actions will no longer be led by that fateful deception in 1787/89 and onward up to this very day.


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