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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2014 01:12 am
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6408
Respublica (All the people as one, no exceptions) versus Legal Fiction A (a.k.a. The FED)

This is a dream I have, over and over again, a recurring dream, a burden of immense measure bearing down on my soul as moral conscience tends to affect little old me.
There will be a series of efforts, by me, to you, to Respublica, to the Public Thing, for your use, as you please, numbering 3, staring with the case against The FED, then the case against The IRS, and then the Case against Criminal Orders to be obeyed without question by the modern versions of home grown Nazis; wherever they may now be growing stronger, and stronger, because they find ways to make people talk the talk, and walk the walk, along with their False Flags, and their ever so eagerly offered Nazi salutes to their Fuhrer.

Respublica must be understood, in this and the preceding cases, as the counterfeit version will not do to fit the purposes of this case.

The Public Thing is precisely what it is, in fact, without dependence upon the least lie told by the least guilty mind that makes up the entire collective power of all the people everywhere.

The Public Thing is a FUND paid into by all who choose fact over fiction, as that FUND builds up from nothing into the grand power of all our moral conscience combined into a sum total of moral conscience, a whole that is then greater than the sum of all the individual parts, and it is directly placed in opposition to the exact counterpart which can be summed up as Deception and Evil, the big D added to the worst Evil imaginable, so call it the D-evil, as may be worth doing for some, if there is any doubt as to the full measure of the opposition that opposes respublica, the public thing, our collective sum total of our power to nurture our God given moral conscience.

A trial commences in time and place.

There are 12 jurors selected from the pool of jurists. Honest people if God wills it, for the common law method is to take the power of stacking the jury out of the hands of mere mortals, and the power to stack the jury is placed upon the whole country of people, the trial is a trial by the whole country of people, near, and dear, to the accused, the defendant, the presumed to be innocent, the named individual suspect of wrongdoing, and whoever else may have participated, conspiratorially, in the same crime upon the same victim, or the same victims, who are also named.

By lot, not by man, if not by the direct hand of God, are the jurists assembled, 12 in number, honest people, as honest as they are in fact, not in fiction, and these people try this case, in time, and these people try this case in place.

Imagine, if you will, a fictional account, for this has not happened yet, and this may never happen, so long as the criminals rule these people on this planet.

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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2014 01:15 am
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6408
All don't rise.

Entering the court of record room, the court building, are various people, none of which are lawfully any more powerful than any other, this is not a story about a kangaroo court, or a court conducted by criminals, or a court conducted by fools who are not even aware of the fact that their false court is false.

Entering at some point, as the crowd of people increase, is a magistrate, a judge, an individual who specializes in maintaining order, efficiency, and step by grueling step progress along the process that is due to all who accuse, and all who are accused, of any wrongdoing worthy of the effort to commence, and follow through, with trial by jury, with due process, with our law of our land, with our common demand for the common supply of common law, which results in the saving our our souls, which results in our temporal salvation, as we prefer not to solve our problems with trials by ordeal, with duels, with gun fights, with weapons of mass destruction, the worst of which are lies.

We seek the truth, and the magistrate knows how to maintain order in due process as well as anyone in the whole country, at least as well as anyone in the court room where the court of record is recorded in time and place.
All don't rise. The judge is one of the people, presumed to be innocent, having no record of unredeemed crime accounted to the judge, no standing accusations whatsoever, and therefore another member of the jury pool, a member of the people in good standing among the people insisting upon good standing, not one of the criminals who chose a life of crime; despite the olive branch afforded to all criminals, all the time, by our natural law, our God given law, our law of our land, our due process, afforded to all, without exception.

All don't rise. The judge acknowledges the beginning of the trial, the time, the day, and the floor is open for opening statements.

To be continued; the work bell rings.

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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2014 01:16 am
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6408

"Order in the court." The people assembled polarize. The judge introduces the case.
"Let the record show on this day that the trail of Respublica versus the Legal Fiction A, The case against The Federal Reserve System, begins, and representing the people at large, representing the Public Thing, is the Public Prosecutors, who are also the accusers in this case, and their names are now entered into the Record as John Q Public and Jane Q Public. These people will make their opening statements, and then whoever stands as the defendant, under subpoena, or on their own volition, will, as they may, as they can, or as they please, speak in their defense, doing so now, or the absence of their defense will be their defense, which is no defense, and a clear, voluntary, confession of guilt, as this court of record, according to the common law, has expended, at the public cost to the public fund, a voluntary collection of real monies, a cost to the Public Thing, every reasoanble expense due the accused, in the effort to afford them the opportunity of having their side of this case heard in this court, including said subpoenas delivered by hand to each of the named defendants in this case."

The judge remains silent for one long minute. Those assembled in the court room also remain silent for the whole minute.

Then the judge looks at the two Prosecutors and offers them their opportunity to set the common law court of record straight in this case.

"Please commence your opening statements John and or Jane Q Public, our time is wasting away, and there are many good people among us, innocent people, paying the ultimate price in these very trying times. It is past time to settle this matter once and for all."

Jane and John both stand and look at each other, Jane nodding to John. John appears to be the more nervous one of the two, and John speaks first. "Your honor -"
The judge interrupts immediately. "Please John, we are all just people here, there is no need to address me at all in this case. Call me umpire, perhaps, if needed, or just call me Bill, my name is Bill. This is a common law trial by jury, you ought to address your statements to the people assembled here as jurists in the jury. It is their duty to represent the whole country, as the fact finders according to God's law, or Natural Law for those not yet familiar with God, and they will either be honorable, doing the right thing, acting unanimously, as if they were our best possible lie detector we as people can muster, and they establish the law of this case, the facts of this case, guilt if there is any, innocence on the part of the victims, if that is found by these people, our jurists, as the facts, and these people, our jurists will also, if it is possible, again as our representatives of the whole country, our Public Thing, our Respublica, our law of our land, our regem terrae, find, they will find, again unanimously, any punishment due to the accused if the accused be found guilty."

John and Jane hesitate. The Judge fills in the void. "Please, Jane, take a stab at it, we are burning dayight."

Jane Q Public faces the assembled jurors and begins speaking as if she had at her command the intense attention of the whole country of people at once. "This case is more than seeking equal access to the first seat available on public transport systems, and more than an equal chance to buy a hamburger at a public school lunch counter, my friends of Liberty, this case is the case that bores down into the soul of America, and offers to us our temporal salvation, to redeem our collective souls -"

The Judge again interrupts. "That was very well said, Jane, but the facts in this case ought to paint the picture of relative significance well enough along the way, so, excuse my interruption, albeit to compliment you on one hand, the idea is to get to the bottom of this case, before we all die of old age. If you please."

John Q Public steps out from a table and moves directly in front of the assembled jurists, he does so with an obvious interest in commanding the situation. "We must establish the meaning of this case as a matter of accurately measurable facts, beyond any reasonable doubt, among any randomly selected group of jurists, so as to ensure that this trial proceeds as it ought to proceed in any event, anywhere, on any land, at any time. This case ought to have been recorded as a precedent set, according to the common law, in the time of Jesus, and if we the people had done so then, we would not be in the fix we are in now. It is past time to listen to the words offered in Scripture, and use them in earnest. Among our numbers are very evil people, who were called then, back in the time of Jesus, by the fictional name of Money Changers. They were then, as they are now, frauds, criminals, of the worst kind. They have names. They walk among us. They have but one obvious goal in their guilty minds. They will burn out the souls of every innocent victim they touch with their lies, as they turn each of us against each other of us, removing from us this very thing we share, this Public Thing, this common law, this law of our land, this fact finding process that we have been given, and that we can use, to defend the innocent among us, if any are left among us, from the guilty among us, hoping that God, or chance, allowed 12 honest people to be present here and now."

The judge intently follows the actions of John, looking for the cue to move another step in the process, but there is a seamless passing of command from John to Jane as opening statements flow from the souls of the Prosecutors into the Court of Record. The judge refrains from interrupting despite the growing concern by the judge that the jurists may not be listening carefully.

As soon as John stops speaking Jane picks up a new sentence at that period ending John's offer of words to the Jurists. "We will offer the olive branch to our tormentors in this case, under no uncertain terms, clearly, precisely, and without error in communication, a choice of redemption will be offered by you the jurists to those who will be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in this case against the criminals who have destroyed so much for so long with their false money scam known by the false title Federal Reserve System."

Jane spoke from the table as John returned and both Prosecutors sit at the end of the opening statements.

The judge picks up the ball. "It is my duty to instruct the jurists as to the State of the accused, as to their absence in this court of record, whereby the named accused have refused every request, and then every forceful order, to attend this trial by jury according to the common law. Their defense is silence, ignorance, apathy, whatever you as jurists will judge to be the facts in this case, and my opinion as judge, or the opinions of the Prosecutors are what they are in fact, offered to you, to the Public Thing, to all the people at once, on the record, as factual opinions only. You will have my opinion to work with, you will have the opinions of the Prosecutors to work with, in this case, and you will also have, on the record, every attempt on our part to afford the accused the defense they can muster, and the fact is that they choose not to defend themselves. These are the facts as they exist, and you as jurists must deal with these facts, as they exist, and if you find cause to doubt the sincerity of effort expended to inspire the accused to defend themselves, consider that willful choice on your part as a fact in this case, and do so with knowledge concerning our common law. A failure on your part to find the truth will not go unchallenged for long, such is the way of Nature, and such are the words offered in Scripture. Please keep that in mind, we are all accountable for our errors in judgment."

The judge senses the opportunity to pile upon the jurists a additional idea that could arm the jurists with the knowledge that may tip the balance in favor of truth. "If you fail in your duty in this case, then that failure will either be a very serious failure to arrest the criminal willful injury of innocent victims, or as bad as that failure may be, your failure could be worse still, as instead of affording the victims a proper defense, your error compounds injury by your failure on top of the injury done to the innocent victims by the criminals; in essence your failure turns justice into crime, turns truth into lies, and ruins the good standing of our common laws. Your failure, if that is our fate, destroys our power to defend ourselves and unless further action remedies your failure, the injury done by you passes as law, yet it will be counterfeit law, by your hands in this case."

A few jurists begin raising their hands and the judge arrests that effort to open up two way communications, or discussions, between jurists and judge. "Please, hands down, there is little time here for chatting with me, all your questions will be addressed in due time."

The judge then explains the situation involving assigned public defenders standing in place of the accused defendants. "Those 2 people at that table are going to now speak on behalf of the Public Thing in the capacity of defending the accused in this case, in the willful absence of the accused, for our common laws must afford everyone who is accused of any wrongdoing a form of defense. The cost of this defense is covered by the voluntary Public Fund, by our voluntary taxes, which are meager, so these representatives of the accused are reasonably selected from our local pool of students currently studying our common laws. Their interest is thereby ensured to be a common interest in the truth, not a special interest in gaining at the expense of the Public Fund. They volunteer, as do yourselves, the jurists, albeit with a meager compensation for living and travel expenses. Now you are fully informed as to what can be expected from the opening statements made by these public defenders in the absence of any of the named accused defendants themselves or representatives hired by the accused."
Both Public Defenders, Henry and Jill, were inspired to stand up, as the Judge introduced them, and Jill begins the defendants opening statements, addressing the jurists, and walking from the table to stand in front of the rows of jurists. "As we the people look deeply into this case, the alleged crime as it currently exists, if it exists as a crime, we ought to look in the mirror while we judge the accused for their part in this ongoing transfer of power flowing in the form of legal money. Had we the people refused to accept this form of money, there would then have been no demand for it, and this form of money, from these people accused of this crime, would never have gained any currency. This money would not have sold well, or at all, to anyone, if there was no demand for it. This form of money would have long ago went the same way as the Confederate money issued by the Southern Confederacy at the end of the Civil War."


Notes from the author of -Test Trial 1.

The date of this writing is 8-31-2014.

I want to get something straight here and now. The idea above is not specious, fictitious, novel, as a product of an over-active imagination born out of someone, a so called conspiracy theorist, a lone pen-man, rather the above is the battle at hand.
On the side of the defenders of the innocent are those whose job, whose work, is to prosecute the case, in the name of all the innocent people, through the idea of The Public Thing, or Respublica, which is an idea that is at least as old as The Golden Age of Greece, predating Jesus as the Christian Son of God.

On the side of the defendant, which is the accused, which is also the presumed to be innocent, the alleged perpetrator of injury done to the innocent, and done willfully upon the innocent, from a guilty mind, but presumed to be innocent, for all according to the common law are afforded the same law, and there are no exceptions, each is processed through due process from eyes that are blind initially, on the side of the defendant, are people too, real people.

Side A is the incessant demand for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us, please, please, with sugar on top, God.

Side B is precisely the same thing as Side A. People seeking the truth on both sides, on the side of the prosecutor, and the side of the defendant, people seek the truth. The best defense, for someone who is guilty, is to get down to the accurate accounting of their crime soonest, so as then to know the true measure of the redemption that can be afforded to the guilty, as a matter of established fact, within the very limited boundaries of people who are prone to error; again, so help us God, we must find the truth, and we must help the guilty find redemption, sooner, rather than too late.

Side C, on the other hand, can be summed up as Deception and Evil incarnate, or in human form, in the flesh.

Side B in my story line, again I am not a so called conspiracy theorist, and this story is being told in this way for specific reasons, as a story-line, but it is an attempt to get a real story out, to get people to see the truth, because we, as people, as The Public Thing, have lost our way, in no uncertain terms, as the innocent victims pile up, tortured and burned out souls, reaching for heaven, because no one knows better, or no one cares enough, and because Deception, and Evil, are walking among us, in demonstrable fact.

At this juncture, of this story, which I may or may not finish, I decided to place Side C, deception and evil, into one of the people written as the defenders, while the other, oddly enough, plays the part of the Devil's Advocate. So the people who are taking up the work of defending the accused, in this story line, will be a willfully evil criminal himself, and the co-defending worker (not a Bar Association Attorney because this is a fictional common law trial by jury case, not a Legal Fiction False Court Case) will represent the fool on the hill, or the one who sits upon a fence, where there is no fence, because the fence is pure fiction.

All that above may appear to be just so much gibberish to so many people who may stumble upon this writing, and then they move on to more interesting things. To those who know what I am writing about, let it be known to them, that these so called defenders, in this story line, will, in time, either successfully help defend the innocent from the guilty, or they will successfully maintain the false front, the legal fiction, whereby the actual criminals always escape accountability, while the so called corporate soul is blamed for the wrongdoing instead of the people behind the facade, those pulling the strings from down low, way, way, way, down low.

It is from my view, more, and more, patently absurd to claim that these criminals we face as a whole people, are in any way some form of elite, in Ivory Towers, stacked on top of some nebulous Pyramid, looking down with their All-Seeing-Eye. The worst of the worst evil people, are criminals, base, deceitful, threatening, torturers, and mass murderers, and worse things they do to whatever is remaining of our innocent.
If we let them have their way with our innocent, there will be no innocence at all.
They will burn the innocence out of the souls, quite literally, as they please, for their exclusive fun, and their exclusive profit, because we let them.

The reasons why I write this now, are many, including a choice this morning to return to my study of the Martin Luther King murder, murder by spooks, phantoms, all of which are so well hidden, in plain sight, behind their Legal Fiction. So that is the leading idea causing me to focus that battle upon those 2 characters who will be the Public Defenders in this first Common Law Trial by Jury Case 1 titled: Respublica Versus Legal Fiction A, or The Case against the FED, or The Case for the soul of America.

The Case for the Soul of America is a positive light (I've been accused of creating "spin," and I prefer to defend myself against such negative MUD thrown on whatever may remain of my good name), while The Case Against The FED is the negative aspect forced upon the innocent by the willfully guilty, as there would be no cause for action, in defense, were we all to heed the advice in Scripture, and heed the advice offered from whatever remains of our individual, and our collective, moral conscience.
The devil will be in the detail of the one Public Defender as that one reaches for the idea that those people at The FED are innocent, and all of the focus of Guilt ought to be, according to this willfully deceptive Devil incarnate, accounted solely upon the Legal Fiction, or the Corporation itself.

So that focuses attention precisely upon the actual battle we face as people on the two obvious sides where people will choose to be on, and there is no fence, one side is criminal, the other side is not, and in between is where the rubber meets the road, where the innocent bodies are piled up, or bulldozed into mass graves, by the criminals, or by their servants.

Two sides, and no fence, are then going to be shown in this trial, offered to anyone who cares to know, as such:

Side 1: Effective Defenders of the Innocent, or Respublica, including a common law Judge working as a Magistrate. Two common law Prosecutors refusing to allow the criminals to claim one more innocent victim. One common law Public Defender equally interested in finding the truth, so as then to truly find out if the defendant is innocent as presumed, or if the accused is guilty, and then in need of a true form of redemption. A number of jurists who may or may not be on the right side of things; so that has to be worked on in this story too.

Side 2: My personal study has concluded, beyond any doubt whatsoever, no reasonable doubt at all, that those who are guilty of maintaining The FED counterfeiting crime are guilty in fact, or actus reus, if not guilty of mind, or mens rea, so someone who does look at the facts of this case and they know the guilty are guilty, and they know that the guilty ought to be afforded redemption, yet they decide to employ deception as a means to cover up the guilty criminals in this case, that deceiver, that willful deceiver, is evil, he is himself a criminal, either a pathological one, meaning a criminal having no moral conscience whatsoever, or a willful, mens rea, guilty minded criminal, and that part is played, in this story by the one Public Defender who decides to tell the Legal Fiction Story as a method by which he will attempt to divert accountability away from the actual people who are guilty of perpetrating this world wide counterfeiting crime known as The FED, or also known as The World Reserve Currency, or The New World Order, or whichever False Front they construct, and maintain, as a means of hiding the actual evil people pulling the strings from down in the bowels of criminal-man-made hell-on-earth.
Sides again:

Side 1:

Respublica, God's Law, Natural Law, legem terrae, law of the land, common law, due process due everyone without exception, trial by jury, man's best lie detector, the public thing, the entire list of names of every living soul created anywhere, anytime, the entire list of each name of every one, each one spoken as a living being worthy of life, each one afforded effective defense against the criminals who choose, or who are made by criminals, to be on the wrong side, the evil side.

Side 2:

Those who perpetrate aggressive deception upon the innocent. Those who perpetrate aggressive threats upon the innocent. Those who perpetrate aggressive, horrible, torturous, murderous, terrifying violence upon the innocent. Those who do so willfully, and those who do so as followers following evil orders without question, for their exclusive fun, and for their exclusive profit, at the expense of the innocent who still walk among us, because the Evil side will not subject all to their evil existence, they will not "win," until the last one on the good side is either murdered or enticed into joining the Monopoly of Crime, also known as Legal Fiction.
So long as one innocent life is left, and so long as there is one who chooses to defend that last innocent life, so long will evil remain to be defeated in fact. Evil is the willful destruction of all innocent life for the exclusive pleasure of evil people.

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