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First links and quotes help in explaining the concept of War Debt Collectors which are people who are also knowable as Legal Criminals, Aggressive War Profiteers, Central Bankers, Monarchists, Aristocrats, The Elite, Progressives, Capitalists, Socialists, Nihilists, Narcissists, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Communists, Nazis, Fascists, Central Planners, Organized Crime, The International Monetary FUND, The New World Order, Illuminati, on, and on, and on, and on.

I prefer to call them Legal Criminals because that is what they do, they perpetrate crimes and the most effective crime they perpetrate is the crime whereby their targeted victims are made to believe that the crimes are legal when the criminals perpetrate those crimes, and those same crimes are illegal if anyone other than the Legal Criminals perpetrate those same crimes.

The crime is also called Counterfeit Money.

Legal Crime is counterfeit money, or more accurately accountable as fraudulent legal money, or Legal Crime Money.

Every voluntary form of association can be understood as genuine association; free from willfully deceit, willful threat of violence, and willful aggressive violence whereby a criminal or criminals target a victim or victims.

Counterfeit versions of voluntary associations are crimes that employ deception as a means of placing a false, misleading, cover that covers up the crime, pretending to make the crime Legal, or Just, or Right, or anything other than a crime. So there has to be the appearance of something good so as to then effectively hide what is bad, and therefore there is the term counterfeit.

A. Voluntary Association (Liberty)
B. Counterfeit (Involuntary Association hidden behind false Voluntary Association)
C. Involuntary Association (Crime)

Link 1:
Dr. William Whiting and
Shays' Rebellion

I suggest that you the reader download these .pdf files and bookmark them for careful perusal when you have the time to do so on your own volition.

My reasoning for offering that link is for that information to become current in more minds than one: mine. There are two types of Trials that can be called Lawful Trials, and one can be understood as the genuine one, and the other one can be understood as the counterfeit one.

1. Trial by Jury whereby volunteers seek to defend the innocent from harm. These are officers of the peace, and they offer gifts of mercy.

2. Trial by Criminals hiding behind false claims of authority as their goal is to collect power from their targeted victims.

The time period from which the information in the first link is produced, the writers writing their words on paper in this time period, is after the so called Revolutionary War (1776) and before the so called Constitutional Convention (1787).

Thus the debtors had the bitter experience of watching their livestock seized by the sheriff and sold at auction for taxes or found themselves hauled into county courts by their creditors. There they not only had executions levied against them but were forced to pay heavy legal fees as well. Efforts to secure a postponement of civil actions until better times proved unavailing.
Great numbers of the Inhabitants have Served in the army Dureing the whole course of the War, for Little or no Wages, and those that Stayed at home Were oblidged, through the whole Course of the War, to advance all the money and produce they could Possibly Spare, to Support it. So that at Its Conclusion the people were Necessarily more indebted then at its Commencement: and now Courts of Law and Merchent Stores being again opened and heavy Taxes Continued; almost Every farthing of money Has long Since been Drawn from among the poorer sort of people, and Great numbers of them have been constantly Striped of Whatever Little Stocks they possessed, and those often Sold at public auxion for a meer Trifie, and they Left Destitute of the means of Cultivating their Little hard farms, and of Milk to Nourish their Little ones; and in addition to all this they have had to Reflect that this is Principally gone to pay Costs, and that their Debts and Taxes still Remain unpaid.
Now, please, read the whole work, if at all possible. Or not. I can offer my opinion in summation. The Legal Criminals know who to target because the targets have something worth stealing. The targets are productive people who are generous in their State of Liberty BEFORE they are targeted and terrorized and exploited.

You think I am full of shit, sure, I get that, but note the time period, not how the actual people who fought the battles were working for nothing and they paid all the costs of the war on their own accounts. How is it that somehow those same freedom fighters were then given the bill to pay off the war debts?

To see clearly it may help to look at the next link:

Link 2:
Wounded in the House of Its Guardians
By George Bancroft

In the autumn of 1690 an expedition, sent by Massachusetts to capture Quebec, returned without success. To defray its cost, which amounted to forty thousand pounds, and to satisfy complaints of "the want of an adequate measure of commerce," the general court, in December, 1690, ordered the issue of "seven thousand pounds of printed bills of equal value with money;" and of the remainder in May, 1691. In July, 1692, within nineteen months of the earliest emission, the first legislature under the new charter which transformed the self-governing colony of Massachusetts Bay into a direct dependency of Great Britain, made "all" these "bills of public credit current within this province in all payments equivalent to money, excepting specialties and contracts made before the publication" of this new law. Their credit was supported by receiving them in all public payments at a premium of five percent.
Please, I do not advocate the false federal constitution, it was false to begin with, and that is part of the scam we face now. We face Crime made Legal and that started well before the so called U.S. Dollar (now known as Federal Reserve Notes).

Note the reference to War for Profit failing to bring high returns on that investment as less than expected dividends were flowing into the bank accounts of the War Profiteers. Note the specific words offered by the specific writer:

"In the autumn of 1690 an expedition, sent by Massachusetts to capture Quebec, returned without success."

Those who financed that orderly abuse of defensive military power (good government counterfeited) did so through a working Legal Money Monopoly Power then in existence in the form of The British Crown and The Bank of England.

How do I know?

I can read.

"In July, 1692, within nineteen months of the earliest emission, the first legislature under the new charter which transformed the self-governing colony of Massachusetts Bay into a direct dependency of Great Britain, made "all" these "bills of public credit current within this province in all payments equivalent to money, excepting specialties and contracts made before the publication" of this new law."

Look at that from a very strict and accurate accounting such as one might do if the idea was to follow the money trail as the victims pay their earnings to the criminals who steal those earnings.

There is a Legal Fiction knowable as Great Britain.

Who funded this War?

Who profits from that War (win or lose)?

Who pays the so called War Debts?

Who "owns" who?

Collectors of Power collecting Power from the source of Power (earnings)
Those who earn, and give, and keep on giving, even when it is clearly wrong to pay the extortion fee, because the criminals grow stronger while the victims grow weaker

How do I know?

Return to the first link, read it. The actual earners of anything worth stealing put down their farming implements and fought the war generously, for Liberty, or so they are told, but the actual War is being Funded (purchased) by a working Central Bank Group who will, you know they will, profit from their investment, because they fund all sides, in almost every War.

Whose side were those who enforced those War Debt Payments, payable in Gold mind you, and where did those earnings end up flowing to, in point of fact?

The Gold went to those Central Bankers in England.

In order to keep the Fraud going those Central Bankers in England paid dividends to their minions.

The time period in the first link is between 1776 and 1787.

The time period in the second link is well before that time; however the routine is obviously in place at that time.

Collect War Debt
Give Peace Offerings

When the farmers stop farming so as to help other people defend against the largest criminal army of aggression on the planet earth, or so they are lead to believe, they are led to believe that they are doing their duty, offering whatever they have to give, their lives, their fortunes, their futures, their Liberty, and on top of that they are then subjected to Central Banking Fraud hidden behind a Court System?

Back to Link 1:

Why Do they on the other hand Deter the printers from publishing any Defence of the Conduct of those they Call Insurgents, but that they might by all this Raise the Indignation of the people in the other States to that Degree as to Induce them to assist in utterly Crushing and Destroying all those that oppose them in this State and thereby Enable them to Introduce and Establish their favorite aristocracy.
Counterfeit freedom of the press? A media monopoly? Censorship? Mass Mind Control? Behavioral Modification? Response Conditioning?

You were not taught this is counterfeit schools that you had to pay for or else?

Back to Link 1:

Consider this O ye free born Americans Who have Risked your Lives and Spent your fortunes in freeing yourselves and your brethren from the Tyrannical Claims of Great Brittain; Take heed how you are Duped in to be the Wretched Instruments of Inslaving your brethren in the other States; for Depend upon it that When once this Game is played in any one of the States, of Subjecting the Major part to the Minor, it will Soon Run through Every other State, and your Liberties, dear bought as they are, will be Gone forever; for Depend upon it that when once you have Lent your assistance in Subjugating the Inhabitants of any other State, they will be Very Ready to Reward you by Lending their assistance in Doing the Same Piece of kindness for you.
Note the date: December 1786.

Now to the cause of action (common law grand jury?) for my initial finding of this specific information (Link 1):

Fourthly Let the Courts of Commonpleas as they now Stand, be abolished throughout the State, and Let all personal actions be Commenced before the Justices of the peace, and Let them be Directed to Recommend to the parties, upon their appearance, to put the Cause to Referrence, and in case the parties Cannot agree upon Referee, Let the Justice appoint one, the plaintiff a Second and the Défendent the third; but if either of them Shall Refuse to go to a Referrence, Let the Justice proceed to Try the Cause, and if the party Who may appeal from the Justices Judgment had Refused to Refer the Cause let him Recover no Cost against the other party, at the Court to Which he Shall appeal,
however the Cause may terminate. And in all Judgments Rendered by Justices and not appealed Where the Dammage Shall amount to more then four pounds, no Execution Shall Issue untill after the next Seting of the Supreme Court in the Same County. And in all appeals from the Justices Courts, if the Judgment be not Reversed by a Tryal at the Supreme Court, that Judgment Shall be final and no Review be allowed; but if the former judgment Shall be Reversed, Either party Shall have a Right to Review. And in all Judgments Rendered by Justices and not appealed Where the Dammage Shall amount to more then four pounds, no Execution Shall Issue untill after the next Seting of the Supreme Court in the Same County.

What was a "Justice of the peace," and what was (as in accurately account for) "Supreme Court," and finally what was (how was it done) a "Tryal" in those days, in those places, between 1776 and 1787?

The "Courts of Commonpleas" are those Debt Collector Courts in this information.

Those "government" courts sound a whole lot like so called "Equity" courts.

War Debt Collectors, Equity Courts, Courts of Common Pleas, Nisi Prius Courts,
Offers of gifts in Liberty

Link 3:
The Dialogue Concerning the Exchequer. circa 1180

The Dialogue concerning the Exchequer, is one of the few actual treatises of the middle ages. It is a most learned essay concerning all that went on at the bi-yearly meetings of the exchequer officials, and branches out into a description of all the sources of revenue of the English crown, and of the methods of collecting them. The value of this essay for early English history cannot be over-estimated; in every direction it throws light upon the existing state of affairs.
Therein that link are word constituting vital information concerning how debt collectors meticulously record their accounting methods.

Link 1 offers information on how farmers in Liberty are generous enough to stop earning their living and start defending Liberty. If the volunteers are killed (murdered) by the enemy, they give up their lives.

Who decides to make the survivors (surviving defense of Liberty) pay War Debts?

Who collects, and then spends, those payments made by those who pay those War Debts?

Is this too much information?

Link 4:

A writ of annuity in the early common law was a writ to enforce the payment of an annuity.


In Germany during the eleventh century, it became customary for Counts and Barons in fighting their petty wars to hire mercenaries. Much of this expense was met by hypothecating land, with rents or annuities payable in gold. Henry I of England in 1103 secured the use of 1,000 men and three horses in return for a yearly payment of 400 marks to the Counts of Planders. This was an early example of paying for a war on the installment plan.

Payments made from many into one FUND.

Payments are then taken out of the one FUND for purchases.

If all is voluntary, all is accurately accounted, who is to say that those payments are not beneficial to all, at the expense of no one?

As soon as the element of deception is willfully added into the accounting process is the precise moment whereby events occur from that point onward to benefit the deceiver at the expense of the deceived?

Link 5:

George Washington Jailer And Tax Collector
Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

This is the story of how he broke the government and bent the law just so he could see central government revived and used to make politicians more prosperous.
Why is that true?

I've showed you why that is true. The defenders of Liberty between 1776 and 1787 were those people who gave everything to that cause and the criminals running the Central Bank in England hired mercenaries to collect War Debts from those lovers of Liberty.

The plan worked, and here we are now, and you can call me any name you want, but the account is right in front of you, so don't blame me for your War Debts.

You Owe

Don't question the payments.

Link 6:

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Posse Comitatus

E. P. Visco

1. The Criminal version of Sheriff or Marshal or Defensive Force = Debt Collectors
2. The common law, or Friends of Liberty, or Moral, or genuine version of Sheriff or Marshal or Defensive Force = honest, accurate, generosity

You can argue all you want while you pay the extortion fee, yet you still pay it; without question?

Now back to Link 1:

The tribunes of the people were at first five in number, tho afterward, their body was Increased to five more. They were always annually Ellected by the people, and Gennerally from their own body. They had Power of annuling. They had Power of anuling all Such acts of the Senate as they Considered to Distress upon the people and to Show their readiness to protect the meanest, their Doors Stood open night and day, to Receive Complaints.

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