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 Posted: Thu Nov 28th, 2013 10:07 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Assuming that the government in question is at least as voluntary as the 1776 through 1787 example provided by the Constitutionally Limited Republics forming a Voluntary Defensive Union based upon The Declaration of Independence and The Articles of Confederation, the following concept of voluntary taxation is offered.

Each person volunteering to stand in defense of the innocent against the criminals (criminals with or without badges) in one of the States (any one, or any number, of people in any Family, Church, Corporation, Town, City, or State) volunteers to pay into the State Fund for the purposes of financing purchases that are to be purchased in defense of the innocent against criminals who may or may not have badges, licenses, and false claims of authority.

Here is the part that may interest any reader:

Each volunteer is encouraged to pay as much as the least payment made by any volunteer, no more that that, and that is the extent of "coercion" legislated into man made law.

Payment into the fund can be monetary or not monetary payments, and the least is the standard of measure measuring Tax Liabilities (so called).

For those not reading about Annuities (think in terms of Birth Certificates) are those who may understand more about the concept of taxation especially in reference to so called National Debt.

So long as there is no external threat threatening to criminally take over one State in the Voluntary Union there is then no interest in a Federal Standing Army to be funded by whichever State decides (by whichever government power exists in that State) to do so, each State paying for, or not paying for, investing in, or not investing in, a Voluntary Union according to whatever Federal (not false Federal) Government is agreed upon by the State Governments.

That is a key point missing from most modern day Political Economists who fail to recognize the Free Market Design of a Voluntary Union or Federation of Constitutionally Limited Republics.

So the concept of direct taxation (by Annuity/Birth Certificate Fraudulent Capture/Slavery) by a Free Market, Voluntary, Federal Government (not the false "Federal" crime spreed that is actually now existing as a National Monopoly Government or Involuntary Association called U.S.A. Inc.) is abhorrent, or repugnant, to The Declaration of Independence, to free people, in Liberty.

So the concept of direct taxation, if it does exist anywhere in the country, would have to be done on a State Level if that is how the Governors hired to run the State write their man made laws so as to inspire voluntary direct taxation of the people, by the people, and for the people in that State.

If you choose to live in this State, you are to pay this much, this way, according to the laws in this State, directly taxing the people, and then those FUNDS are used to defend the innocent in that State from harm by criminals in that State or defend the innocent in that State from harm by criminals who may invade that State.

1. People

2. One of many States to choose from in the Voluntary Union.

3. One State may have more or less demand upon any individual  member of the people who chooses to invade that State as far as contributions to any FUND is concerned.

A State may say, you pay anything, and then you are a member of the people in this State who pay taxes: thanks. Anyone else who wants to be a member of the people in this State, according to this RULE HERE, is expected, encouraged, to pay at least that much.

If you pay more, you do not get anything more, you pay more if you want to have your name published as being someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Free riders, so called, who pay nothing, may be invading the State, but who cares so long as they are not perpetrating crimes upon innocent people.

Who says anyone is ever guilty of perpetrating any crime upon any innocent people?

Common law trial by jury worked for that purpose and that method has nothing to do with any presumed to be innocent individual member of the people, nothing to do with any family, nothing to do with any church, nothing to do with any corporation, nothing to do with any town, city, county, state, or federation unless said individual member of the people, or family, or church, or corporation, or town, or city, or county, or state, or federation recognizes it, and is, or is not, a source for funding from any FUND that is a collection of Purchasing Power collected by any manner whatsoever.

Jury duty is a form of voluntary taxation in common law.

Jurors judge the presumed to be innocent members of the people who are accused of perpetrating any crimes upon innocent people.

If no one pays that tax, the criminals are likely to take over voluntary government and turn voluntary government into crime made legal.

Caveat emptor


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