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 Posted: Mon Nov 25th, 2013 02:10 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Topic for discussion

If you persist in asking vital questions and insist upon competitive (don't settle for second best) answers, then you may get to where I am at right now, or you may go well beyond my current level of personal experience.


And I have a lot of confusion on what I have read. Like for instance.... Why if you were issued a birth certificate at birth does that register you a citizen which somehow erases you're natural rights as a free person? Makes no sense to me.

Somehow you have managed to ask one of the most vital questions required in order to know the true measure of both the problem and the solution.

Here is one source:

History of Annuities

The reason why your question is so vital, and therefore the reason why the answer must be accurate, AND the reason why that source is a good start, has to do with the transfer of power from individuals who are sovereign in liberty as power flows to individuals who are merely criminals.

A Birth Certificate is, in essence, a fraudulent annuity.

If it were an honest annuity then it would be an insurance policy that you voluntarily agree to purchase from a competitive government agency in a free market whereby crime is effectively prevented by that competitive insurance policy.

Now, you may need a lot of help at this time to understand what I just wrote, but the key to understanding (in my opinion) is to persist in asking vital questions and refusing to settle for false answers.

So, what do you do next?

If you do not understand what I just wrote, then ask questions.

Like this:

How is a Birth Certificate a fraudulent insurance policy: what do you mean?

I would then answer:

That is a very good question, and look at the link, and find out where the writer explains how people have funded their defense against invading armies of criminals in the past.

The people send money from their own earnings into a FUND and that FUND is then used to finance an effective defense against an Army of Aggression such as the example provided in American History whereby The British invaded 13 former Colonies (slave states) which were defending their selves from those criminals.

So...here are the former slaves and these former slaves declare their Independence from the British slave masters.


Official Declaration

How can those defenders of their independence FUND or FINANCE their effective defense?

Each individual defender promises to pay into an annuity, or an insurance policy, for "a number of years" so as to pay off any debts that may have been borrowed from any creditors.

Now you have what could be understood as a promise to send earnings to the government so as to FUND mutual defense.

If the promise is honorable, trustworthy, and therefore valuable, then there is such a thing known as The Good Faith and Credit of The American People.

How is that measured?

Each individual is potentially going to send earnings into the government FUND (for mutual defense).

The actual earnings, or wealth, or production, of each individual member of the mutual defense association does, in fact, send wealth, in the form of purchasing power (money) from their own accounts (bank account or other form of stored wealth, or stored POWER TO PURCHASE) to the people hired to run the mutual defense association (or government) and in EMERGENCIES such as INVASION by CRIMINAL ARMIES, the concept of EMERGENCY DEBT can be a temporary need to borrow in that emergency, rather than depend upon volunteers sending annual payments into the FUND.

Annuities = annual payments into the mutual defense FUND.

That, if you follow the explanation, is the genuine voluntary defensive annuity schedule, or the method by which mutual defense is funded, in history, including American history.

We the people will be slaves if we the people do not make promises to each other to pay for our mutual defense in an effective manner that actually drives the criminals out of our country.

Theory does not cut it.

The problem of having such a voluntary mutual defensive organization that is funded sufficiently to actually work to drive out the criminals is that the criminals persist, and they are devious.

So they, the criminals, falsify the true version of government (the voluntary one) and instead of the true version of government (instead of the voluntary one) the criminals institute (by way of deceit, threat, and aggressive violence) a criminal version of the non-criminal version (out with the voluntary version and in with the involuntary version) and so that applies to these methods of FUNDING.

Out with a voluntary promise to pay, honorably pay, an equitable (not "equal" ) proportion of earnings, so as to FUND effective defense (think in terms of an insurance policy whereby the beneficiary is seeking to buy anti-crime insurance, and especially anti-false government insurance) and instead of that voluntary government FUNDING mechanism there is put in place a false version of it, which is an involuntary version of it.

So, now you have an explanation of how The Birth Certificate scam was invented and put into place as a false copy of an existing method of FUNDING (voluntarily) mutual defense.

If you were told, and if you knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that your defense against criminals depended upon your honor, depended upon your promise to fund, voluntarily, a mutual defense, then that would be strictly voluntary, in a real, tangible, actual, sense.

You would know, at that moment, exactly how your earnings, each penny, each dime, and each measure of your earnings were transferred from your POWER to control that POWER to PURCHASE, from your pocket, out of your pocket, flowing, as that flow of POWER flows to that Central Power of FUNDING for, exclusively, and nothing other than, your mutual defense against enemies to Liberty that are FOREIGN and enemies to Liberty that are DOMESTIC.

That would be the genuine article, and if you thought, even for a minute, that the ENEMIES to Liberty took over your government, well, there is that Declaration of Independence to fall back on, and even before that, there was the Magna Carte to fall back on, and all of that falling back onto Common Sense is understandable as Common Law.


Common Sense

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer."

If defense against attacks to Liberty (voluntary association) BECOMES, by way of deceit, CRIME MADE LEGAL, then the thing to do, according to tradition, according to common sense, and according to common law, and according to Magna Carte, and according to The Declaration of Independence, the thing to do, in case the Criminals take over Government (voluntary association) is, the thing to do is, stop paying for it.

If the defenders of Liberty do not stop paying into the pockets of the Criminals that take over Government, then the Criminals that take over Voluntary Government in Liberty will grow stronger, the Criminals grow Stronger in proportion to the steady decline of POWER to defend against those Criminals.

Back to Annuities and back to The Birth Certificate?

Did I wander off topic?

Your existence on this planet was captured, your sovereitny was captured, as the Criminals who took over Voluntary Government claimed your life when you were born, and then they sold you.

Out with the old, voluntary, effective, method of FUNDING an effective mutual defense.


You, by your POWER to earn anything worth stealing, became a TARGET when you were born, and you, by the fact of being born, were SEIZED, CAPTURED, and ENSLAVED at birth, and your Parents, most likely, had no clue.

How well are the BIGGEST LIES working to date?

Karen Hudes

What is trial by jury?

Trial by Jury

Can we the people return to common sense and common law?

National Liberty Alliance

What is likely to be our fate if we do not measure up to the standard of voluntary mutual defense against all enemies of Liberty Foreign and Domestic?

Not so well Hidden Evil

For each measure of effective defense there is, by definition, a crime in progress. A criminal defines the meaning of precisely what causes a victim to be one.

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