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By analogy there will now be an explanation of mind control. People decide to control the minds of other people, and if that is done with malice aforethought, the act is a criminal act. The act of controlling the minds of people, injuring them, is a criminal act that often goes undetected. To help detect this criminal act, the insect mind analogy may work. In this analogy the insect mind takes over control of an individual human mind, but in reality the criminal mind is the mind that takes over. The insect mind, in the analogy, overpowers the naturally independent human mind. Then another human mind is turned into an insect mind, then another, until the power shifts and the collective sum total of control over human action is determined by the insect mind. The analogy here is to replace the criminal mind with the insect mind, so as to then detect the fact that criminals have taken over the minds of individual humans, and criminals have taken over the collective mind of humankind.

One tic can represent the parasitic version of what was once a naturally independent human. This this parasitic version of a human starts sucking the life out of humanity at first contact when the first human parasite finds a human host. So by analogy with a tic the criminal in reality is then seen as a parasite upon humanity. The first human parasite connects to the whole group of naturally independent humans through that first victim. The analogy is applicable on the individual scale as well as the collective scale. Individual human cells constitute an individual human body and many individual human bodies constitute the body known as humankind. The sum total of individuals constitute the whole of humanity. The individual human body does not suddenly turn from an independent minded human into an insect minded anti-human all at once. The process of turning an independent human into an anti-human is incremental. The individual is first contacted by one tic. That tic first contacting that first independent human mind, can be analogous to that one criminal thought that first enters a normal human with a working conscience. That individual contacted by that one tic then ignores that tic. The host who now has a tic on his body does not remove that tic. Then another tic lands on the independent example of a human. Over time the individual is covered in tics. The individual reaches a point at which all the individual can do is feed the tics. The tics thereby consume the individual. The life’s work of the individual is spent feeding tics. The lifeblood of the individual is no longer employed in the work of ensuring a prosperous humanity, instead the individual life is wasted in the destructive work of feeding the tics. Then the one tic, consumed with consuming life, finds another life to consume, and that ticman attaches to another independent, and the contact is parasitic. The ticman consumes the life out of the host. The host is then made to spend its lifeblood feeding the ticman, because the host ignores the parasite. The host is powerless against the ticman.

Normal humanity involves individuals that meet that first parasite as that first parasite lands on the first victim and that first victim does what comes naturally once the tic is discovered, and once the work of the tic is known to be destructive to the life of humanity. The tic is removed immediately after discovery, there is no time to waste, the tic sucks the lifeblood from the human, so the human wastes no time removing the tic. Soon humans learn not to simply pick the tic off of the skin. That lesson is learned, and told to other people, after first discovering the destructive consequences of leaving the severed tic’s head embedded in the human skin. The natural course of human existence includes the discovery of blood suckers, and the avoidance of them, or the removal of them when the blood suckers cannot be avoided. The process of removing parasites must be complete, and the complete removal of parasites from human contact must be completed as soon as parasites are discovered. By analogy the natural genetic human conscience is described in this way. People are born with the power to fight against crime. People are born with a natural aversion to parasitic connections.

The unnatural inhuman process is the opposite of the natural human process. The unnatural inhuman process is a process by which individual humans seek parasites and willfully attach the parasites to individual humans. This is done with malice, not with kindness, it is done so as to feed the parasites at the expense of the humans. It is done as if the infected human believes that this process will eventually lead to the salvation of humanity and prosperity for posterity. It is the precise opposite of the truth of the matter, it is blind belief in falsehood without question. It is as if the insect mind replaces the naturally independent human mind.

This analogy can work if it can be understood that the process of looking for, discovering, and then burning the parasites off the human species, is this thing we are calling law, and it is the duty of each individual member of the human species to volunteer for the work required to reach that goal: a parasite free species. A parasite free species is a liberated species, a species liberated from contact with destructive parasites. I’m not speaking about people who need help to then find their own way to add their unique contributions to humanity, in whatever way they are uniquely suited. I am speaking about criminal versions of humanity - inhuman parasite versions of inhumanity - as these criminals somehow manage to take-over the law power, turning the law power into a parasitic process instead of a process that defends against this type of inhumanity.

Humanity discovered and effectively prevented the take-over of humanity by inhuman parasitic versions of people, and that process was a process due to everyone, to protect everyone from harm done to everyone. Once upon a time the law served mankind. That effective process that was creatively built and adapted to reach that lawful goal has been turned instead into a process that not only seeks the worst parasites, to place those parasites into positions of absolute power, but the hosts - the productive people who produce anything worst stealing - not only ensure their children are immediately covered in tics at birth, the hosts also fanatically defend against anyone daring to question that inhuman process. Where once the law power protected and served the innocent, now that power is perverted and employed to make sure that the parasites are well fed and able to multiply without restriction. Again, the parasites in this analogy are the criminals who take-over governments, and use governments to feed themselves, at the expense of everyone who dares to create anything worth stealing, including innocent children.

This analogy can work if imagination can be used to see how each individual living today is at various stages of becoming totally covered in tics, and while that process is proceeding to reach that inhuman goal, each individual is made to believe that being covered with tics is necessary for our salvation as a species. People are being inspired to seek out more parasites, to have the parasites run the operation that was originally intended for the purpose of defending against innocent people enslaved by inhuman versions of humans. The law is thereby turned upside-down. A counterfeit version of the real law is stealthily put in place under the color of law. The law is no longer a means by which people defend against criminals, instead the law is the process by which the criminals feed upon productive people.

Perhaps in some places on earth people burn the tics with matches so that the tic is forced to back out of the human skin. Perhaps in other places on earth people use tweezers to firmly insist that the tic gives up on its intended task of sucking the life blood out of humanity. There are many adaptive, competitive, effective methods by which innocent people are properly defended against the ticmen.

Some people ensure the judicious employment of the law power in such a way as to prevent treasonous criminals from assuming absolute power, no such offices is ever created by some people in human history: a lesson worth learning. Some people hang treasonous criminals who perpetrate crimes - criminals injuring innocent people - doing so under the color of law, having failed to prevent the office from being created. Some people take off the heads of inhumans found to be very busy sucking the life blood out of humanity, from arbitrary, absolute power, offices of fake government. People in other places discover those traitors to humanity and those traitors are kept in cages, but they too failed to prevent the framing and forming of those types of dictatorial fake government offices. The tic analogy works because no one in their right mind would willfully attach the blood sucking insect to another member of our species. If the parasites are carefully discovered and picked out of the skin with tweezers, are those parasites then taken to the house of some innocent person and the tic is then dropped on their bed? Who would dream up such an evil plot, let alone perpetrate it on their own volition?

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”
Marcus Aurelius

So why are so many people allowing ourselves, each one in turn, to be covered up with tics? Why are we defending this process of being converted into an insect mind controlled species? Why do we insist upon funding this process of having each one of us suck the life blood out of each other of us, as if it is our only path to prosperity? What happened along the way to turn our naturally independent minds into minds controlled by an all powerful insect type collective central processing unit?

"The judiciary of the United States is so constructed and extended, as to absorb and destroy the judiciaries of the several states; thereby rendering laws as tedious, intricate, and expensive, and justice as unattainable by a great part of the community, as in England; and enabling the rich to oppress and ruin the poor."
George Mason, 1787

Once upon a time people volunteered to do the necessary work required to discover where the parasites were busy doing what parasites always do if they are allowed to roam free. People have been around for thousands of years, so the most recent names used to label these volunteers are insignificant compared to the significance of maintaining these voluntary positions among all the possible vocations that people have invented along the way. No one in their right mind would claim that doctors, nurses, farmers, firefighters, mothers, and fathers, are frivolous, unnecessary, unwanted, or even dangerous vocations, and therefore those jobs ought to be banished from human memory, never to see the light of day again. But that is what has happened to our vocations involving the discovery and removal of human parasites that are - in a word - criminals. The proof of this is easier to reason out when illness inspires that need for people who know how to treat illness, or starvation inspires that need for people who know how to produce food, or orphans inspire the need to find someone resembling a parent. When there is a need for the work to be done, then there is a demand for volunteers who are willing and able to do the necessary work. So why is there no demand for people to fill the positions once filled whereby the goal is to hold to a factual accounting those inhuman version of inhumanity that infest the law power? One label attached to people who volunteer to discover and deal with criminals infesting humanity is the Justice of the Peace.

“In every county are appointed magistrates, called justices of the peace, usually from eight to thirty or forty in number, in proportion to the size of the county, of the most discreet and honest inhabitants. They are nominated by their fellows, but commissioned by the governor, and act without reward. These magistrates have jurisdiction both criminal and civil. If the question before them be a question of law only, they decide on it themselves: but if it be of fact, or of fact and law combined, it must be referred to a jury. In the latter case, of a combination of law and fact, it is usual for the jurors to decide the fact, and to refer the law arising on it to the decision of the judges. But this division of the subject lies with their discretion only. And if the question relate to any point of public liberty, or if it be one of those in which the judges may be suspected of bias, the jury undertake to decide both law and fact. If they be mistaken, a decision against right, which is casual only, is less dangerous to the state, and less afflicting to the loser, than one which makes part of a regular and uniform system. In truth, it is better to toss up cross and pile in a cause, than to refer it to a judge whose mind is warped by any motive whatever, in that particular case. But the common sense of twelve honest men gives still a better chance of just decision, than the hazard of cross and pile.”
Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781

Instead of maintaining the people needed to remove the tics, it has become the norm to seek the most egregious parasites, the sociopaths, psychopaths, and their armies of ticmen called sycophants, to do the work that must be done when all the people are having all their life-blood sucked out of them on a daily basis, which is accurately measured - or at least sufficiently proving the point - with the National Debt Clock Real Time.

Debt per Citizen: $66,775 (Reported 1-7-2019 10:01am)

The number above is a claim of debt firmly attached to every single individual - before they are born - in the incorporated United States. That legal fiction (United States) replaced the voluntary association called, at the time of the written agreement creating the voluntary association, The United States of America.

The Stile of this Confederacy shall be
"The United States of America".
Articles of Confederation : March 1, 1781

Each extorted unit of wealth, each calorie, falsely called an estate tax, state tax, school tax, property tax, income tax, import tax, export tax - each tic added to each individual - is one less unit of wealth controlled by the creator of that wealth, invested, or consumed, under the controlling mind of the creator of that wealth. Each unit of wealth is collected, stored, invested, or consumed in the process required to maintain the extortion racket thinly hidden behind a rapidly fading false color of law.

Instead of removing the first parasite finding its way onto a human being, the rule now is to broadcast a manic demand for parasites to take-over control of every individual. Even before another individual is born into this world there is a precise amount of blood sweat and tears earmarked to be removed from that newborn baby. How much - precisely to the penny - is claimed to be owed to the collective hive mind? How much is claimed to be owned to an inhuman criminal organization operating under the color of law? Before a newborn baby starts breathing - breathing what is now compromised air - the individual has tics immediately attached.

Who in their right mind actually wants their children covered with tics? Who hires these ticmen to counterfeit our law process? What do you actually believe about elections? If you dare to think about it, what do you actually know to be this process called elections?

"In the Athenian state, as in any other, we can distinguish legislative, judicial, and executive functions. The Athenian legislative branch consisted of two bodies, a Council of 500 and an Assembly of 6000. At first glance, this system resembles the American bicameral legislature, with a small, select upper house and a larger, more popular lower house. But this appearance is deceptive.
To begin with, neither the Council nor the Assembly consisted of elected representatives. The members of the Council were selected not by election but by sortition — i.e., by lot. In other words, the 500 Councillors were selected randomly from the (male) citizen population. (And no Councillor could serve more than two terms.)
The practice of selecting government officials randomly (and the Athenians developed some fairly sophisticated mechanical gadgets to ensure that the selection really was random, and to make cheating extremely difficult) is one of the most distinctive features of the Athenian constitution. We think of electoral politics as the hallmark of democracy; but elections were almost unknown at Athens, because they were considered paradigmatically anti-democratic. Proposals to replace sortition with election were always condemned as moves in the direction of oligarchy.
Why? Well, as the Athenians saw it, under an electoral system no one can obtain political office unless he is already famous: this gives prominent politicians an unfair advantage over the average person. Elections, they thought, favor those wealthy enough to bribe the voters, powerful enough to intimidate the voters, flashy enough to impress the voters, or clever enough to deceive the voters. The most influential political leaders were usually Horsemen anyway, thanks to their social prominence and the political following they could obtain by dispensing largesse among the masses. (One politician, Kimon, won the loyalty of the poor by leaving his fields and orchards unfenced, inviting anyone who was hungry to take whatever he needed.) If seats on the Council had been filled by popular vote, the Horsemen would have disproportionately dominated it — just as, today, Congress is dominated by those who can afford expensive campaigns, either through their own resources or through wealthy cronies. Or, to take a similar example, in the United States women have had the vote for over half a century, and yet, despite being a majority of the population, they represent only a tiny minority of elected officials. Obviously, the persistence of male dominance in the economic and social sphere has translated into women mostly voting for male candidates. The Athenians guessed, probably rightly, that the analogous prestige of the upper classes would lead to commoners mostly voting for aristocrats.
That is why the Athenians saw elections as an oligarchical rather than a democratic phenomenon. Above all, the Athenians feared the prospect of government officials forming a privileged class with separate interests of their own. Through reliance on sortition, random selection by lot, the Council could be guaranteed to represent a fair cross-section of the Athenian people — a kind of proportional representation, as it were. Random selection ensured that those selected would be representatives of the people as a whole, whereas selection by vote made those selected into mere representatives of the majority.
The Athenian Constitution:
Government by Jury and Referendum
by Roderick T. Long

Are you inspired to elect yourself into a position whereby you investigate so as to discover inhuman beings infesting the thing you believe to be government? Are you instead, in some way, somehow, inspired to go once a year to a building, stand in line, wait your turn, and then answer a few multiple choice questions?

While the parasites we call politicians, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and their hired enforcers are collecting every penny that can be collected by any means necessary, doing so precisely, with great accuracy - while the parasites are busy doing that - those same parasites are seldom volunteering to hold each other to account for their crimes. So who does that vital work?

The hosts have lost their power to discover the parasites before they attach to the body politic. The producers of anything worth stealing have lost the ability to prevent attachments of parasites attaching themselves to the body politic, and the same hosts have lost the power to discover the parasites already attached to the body politic. Having lost the capacity, the power, to discover the parasites, the hosts have lost the power to remove the parasites. We the people have lost the power to prevent any further attachments to the body politic by those parasites. In fact that power has been counterfeited, that power has been stolen. That power is now in the hands of the parasites.

In place of that power to discover and prevent criminal infiltration of government by inhuman beings is a counterfeit version of that power, and it is a good idea to understand that the word counterfeit means opposite. So all those inspirations bombarding people today which cause people to seek remedy against loss caused by parasitic, inhuman beings, are prevented from achieving remedy, and instead of remedy the actions performed by people - standing in line to answer multiple choice questions - give power, in the form of permission, for those parasites to assume the power to suck the life blood out of everything that produces the blood of life.

In place of the acknowledgement of the work done by volunteers who discover the crimes perpetrated by the parasites who have criminally assumed the power to extract as much life blood as they can from everyone, under the color of law, is instead a ridiculous collective insistence on remaining ignorant of those carefully discovered facts that prove beyond doubt that the criminals have taken over government.

Where once tics were discovered by volunteers, called private prosecutors, magistrates, justices of the peace, grand jurors, and trial jurors, commanding all lawful jurisdiction civil and criminal, instead the inhuman beings elect themselves into positions whereby they alone govern their behavior, under the color of law, and they abuse that arbitrary, absolute, power, since there is no power to stop them.