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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2018 09:30 pm
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In the course of this chapter, as with the others, there are quotes from the historical record and there will be my comments that intend to convey the evidence that convicts beyond reasonable doubt the criminals who acted against all the American people, including every single resident of America known as Indians, including indentured servants from many European dictatorships who ran like runaway slaves to America, including every African kidnaped from Africa and relocated as a victim of criminal slavers here in America, and including every single individual who was a subject of the criminal British Monarchy who had in their own special way declared their independence from that criminal organization.

It is also worth repeating that every single criminal having willfully injured, with malice aforethought, every single individual innocent victim in time and place, is also a victim of their own criminal actions, as scripture suggests, and as those injuries to everyone are comparable to the same criminal having chose a less destructive path.