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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2018 05:47 pm
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A false conservative?

When the true, functioning, law system, by which individuals take it upon themselves to volunteer to contribute to mutual defense, with examples such as jury duty, or military duty, is not broken, but someone, and some group, have "fixed" it, whereby the working law system is then altered, changed, counterfeited, and made into the opposite thing, the opposite process, then those who operate the involuntary mutual destruction association (organized crime under the color of law) are apt to conserve it, to make sure no one offers a competitive, better, higher quality, lower cost, example of "it."

A false conservative is therefore someone who works to conserve a crime syndicate that operates under a false flag, a false front, or false law, where once there was true law. Conserving the false version of law is opposite, counter to, or counterfeiting, the true law.

The true law is based upon factual matters, and the necessity to find the facts in any case, and conserving that power to reach that goal, is a truly conservative process worth the costs required to maintain. The costs may not be borne equally, and the benefits are therefore inequitably distributed among individuals, however the opposite goal works exponentially greater toward that inequitable distribution of costs and benefits associated with volunteers volunteering to reach the true law goal.

That is factual because, demonstrably, the opposite goal is precisely a willful effort for some to gain at the expense of other.

The false law goal therefore is precisely that goal: to consume posterity for the benefit of those who effectively work at reaching that goal.

Everyone loses when that false law goal replaces the true law goal.

The rate of loss is borne by everyone relative to everyone else, always, even when everyone is working cooperatively for the true law goal, as dictated by nature, or chance.

When everyone is working cooperatively for the true law goal, by relative comparison to the opposite condition (everyone working toward the false law goal), then everyone shares the determination to find the facts, to precisely account for those individuals who are bearing a greater load, and that accurate accounting process leaves no doubt - no reasonable doubt - as to the nature of the problems threatening freedom in liberty. If everyone is working for the true law, then the only possible crimes preventing freedom in liberty are perpetrated accidentally.

If one individual works toward the opposite goal, working effectively to injure innocent people, removing freedom, removing liberty, in that case, at that time, in that place, then failing to account for that individual's work toward the opposite goal is an open door for other people to turn in that direction: away from freedom in liberty.

If everyone is working to enforce the opposite of freedom in liberty the result is often demonstrated, documented, and accurately measurable in body counts, as mass graves are filled with innocent lives.

How does mankind move from a natural order of true law, to find the truth, to know the truth, to share the truth, and then one by one move in the opposite direction?