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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2018 01:45 pm
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I am conservative as I try to conserve the original, organic, grass-roots, true, meaning of conservatism.


If it ain't broke: don't fix it. If you are trying to "fix it" despite the demonstrable fact that it isn't broke, then you confess your lying, cheating, fraudulent, and aggressively violent mindset.

It is the law process. It can be conserved by conservatives as conservatives agree, voluntarily, to form mutual defense associations, that work to conserve freedom, in liberty, which preserves the natural adaptive process, whereby living organisms fix those things that are broke, and living organisms adapt when things that were not broke are acknowledged as broke, when they break.

Those who oppose this type of conservatism can call themselves any name under the sun, when those who oppose this type of conservatism oppose the conservation of a demonstrable viable system by which people volunteer for mutual defense.

I am a Liberal as I try to liberate the truth from the bondages of falsehood.

If it is broke, and it can be demonstrated as broke, then the viable system of law affords each individual the power to demonstrate precisely why it is broke, where it is broke, when it broke, how it broke, and if possible to also demonstrate precisely how to return, and conserve, the voluntary association for mutual defense.

Liberating each individual from the bondages of falsehood constitutes the natural adaptive order, at the grass-roots level, at the individual level, where the living organism known as mankind, adapts to efforts by some individuals who will enslave mankind if allowed to do so in time and place, as demonstrated routinely throughout human history.

Liberalism is therefore a necessary adaptive function that must be conserved by individual examples of human beings if there will be a future for that form of life.