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 Posted: Sun Oct 29th, 2017 02:27 pm
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That is not what people have been (Falsely) led (like sheep) to believe, to be, the law of the land. The law of the land includes presumption of innocence, until proven guilty. Clearly these posers (Navarro, Myhre, etc.) are a clear and present danger to the peace, and as such they ought to face charges, and be asked, politely, to stop attacking innocent people. If they refuse the polite request to stop attacking innocent people, so as to face prosecution on the charge of disturbing the peace, then they should be arrested as out-laws, who refuse to comply with the laws that protect everyone.

From the article above is this: "Briefs and pleadings by the defense teams of Cliven Bundy and Ryan Payne—which argued that the Judge’s previous rulings were unlawful—may have caused Navarro to adjust her rulings slightly." Now consider, please, how difficult it is to impart to someone the fact that criminals - as a rule - do not obey the law. Chew on that a moment, please. Out-laws, as a rule, do not obey the law. Why is it difficult to impart that knowledge to someone when speaking about the Bill of Rights, for instance? It is very difficult, for example, to impart this fact to someone who is hell bent on controlling the peaceful ownership of weapons: a.k.a. "Gun Control." Now, with that in mind, how much more difficult is it to convince someone of the demonstrable FACT that criminals IN GOVERNMENT, AS A RULE, DO NOT OBEY LAWS. When a "Lone Gunman" is caught red handed mass murdering people, is the "Lone Gunman" allowed to stroll freely anywhere, anytime, at Day Care, or in Church? At least the "Lone Gunman" isn't in control of the process that is designed to find the truth concerning what the "Lone Gunman" may have done, or may not have done, to anyone, anywhere. Why are CRIMINALS (out-laws) in Government afforded all the power they need to make their claims of immunity a FACT?