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 Posted: Thu Apr 28th, 2016 02:30 pm
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Working on moving symbols around - editing - in order to satisfy a perceived improvement in conveying the message intact. Without feedback the effort to improve is missing the information required to reach the goal.

Discussion is useful.

Edit work:

Having gone over the power of deception in the past chapter it is now possible to explain, by example, the demonstrable differences between true, honest, useful (for all), organic, grass-roots, words - labels - that describe voluntary activities where, when, and how people cooperate toward common, mutually beneficial, mutually understood, agreeable, goals, within common, understood, agreeable, boundaries.

On the other hand there are counterfeit versions of the agreeable, voluntary, activities, and goals. The border between voluntary and involuntary is the border between liberty - which is freedom from crime, which is freedom from crime under the color of law - and slavery. The liberty boarder ends when the criminal acts, perpetrated by criminals, begins in time and place.

Democracy, or government of the people, by the people, and for the people may be explained first by explaining the counterfeit form, then by contrast the original governing form can be explained.

Democracy in the counterfeit form is a deception that inspires the deceived into the false belief in something-for-nothing. So long as the participants in counterfeit democracy are led to believe that they can have something-for-nothing, said deceived victims of this fraud willingly - misleadingly - continue to participate, and in fact said deceived participants will sell their children, their parents, their grand parents, and their grand children into slavery, knowingly, in order to stay in the game. All that is required to stay in the game is to agree with the false majority, and that agreement is always the same thing, that agreement is an agreement to maintain, and defend, blind obedience to falsehood, and blind obedience to falsehood without question. The deceived are perfectly willing to give everything for nothing, because they are led to believe that they get something-for-nothing by giving everything for nothing. They give blind, absolute, obedience to falsehood without question, so they give everything, because they are told to give everything, and they are left with nothing, while they continue expecting something-for-nothing that never arrives, again because that is what they are told to expect, and again that order is obeyed without question.

As sad as that may be at first blush, the power of that accurate account above becomes very clear to those caught in that power game above, as they are then, almost immediately upon realizing and acknowledging the truth in that explanation above, inspired - immediately - to deny it. Then anger takes over, after denial, and then these deceived people, caught in that losers game, are willing to spend even more than they have already given up - which is everything - in order to censor the message. They will be inspired to willingly pay liars to lie for them, and pay assassins to shoot the messengers who deliver the truth to them, as they defend, with all they have - which is nothing because they already gave everything when they gave up their power of accurate discernment - they defend their place in that long fictitious line, as all those who are caught in that long line are led to believe that that long line goes to paradise - something-for-nothing - and like sheep led off a cliff, the long lline follows a path of torturous mass murder for everyone including the inventors who invented the lie, and including those who think they benefit the most from the lie, and including those who maintain the lie with everything they once had to give, and everything they once had owned, and everything they once commanded by their own power of will. They give up all when they give up their own power of accurate discernment.

The opposite is almost the same thing. The original form of democracy - accurate discernment commanded by each individual constituting the whole collective number of people - the original form of democracy looks almost exactly like the counterfeit, with one demonstrable exception. All the moral people in the fictitious line know that they must allow each other, afford each other, a free pass, a get out of line free pass, without consequence for bailing out of the line. The immoral people enforce the lie, and the amoral people only pay lip service to the moral free pass, while the moral people give that freedom, and that liberty, to those who set out of that line, even if the moral people are still stuck in the line by their own - remaining - power of will.

The conscience of the whole country of people deceived or not deceived, is the true democracy from as far back as recorded human history, up to this moment, and onward as long as people reproduce and as long as people effectively defend posterity with this democracy business. At least, for the amoral people, they don't participate in harming those who take their free pass out of the line. The immoral people always end up destroying everything, including themselves, as the immoral people invent the fictitious line, maintain the lies, maintain the threats of brutal violence, and maintain the brutal violence required to keep everyone, including themselves, in the line, leaving - eventually - no power left for anything other than torturous mass murder in the business of maintaining the lie, the threats, and the torturous, murderous, violence required in maintaining the lie, which can be illustrated as a line. The moral people make sure that those who get out of line are not harmed for choosing to get out of line.

A clear conscience of the whole body of people, where no one is deceived by the counterfeit version of democracy, involves the practice of affording those who get out of the line that leads to that torturous mass murder, an opportunity to help defend everyone else stepping out of that line, a means to defend their willful decision to get out of that line on their own authority. Of course there is no line when all the people are not fooled into creating the line, funding the line, stepping into line, and marching to their collective doom. But reality sets in, and people begin the process of deception. People work so well at deception that deception works like a boomerang, and the deceivers succumb to their own lies. The line may grow, and that is when the real democracy, the remaining collective moral conscience of the entire body of people, steps in, and offers sanctuary, protection, effective defense, for those who willfully step out of that line.

Those who step out of the line see other people stepping out of that line and they vow to help each other maintain sanctuary, which is everything other than that line. Each defender must do what is in their power to defend each other defender, and this process is called democracy, or it is called liberty, or it is called the law of the land, or it is called due process, and it has almost remained true in a form known as the common law in America. This process of voluntary mutual defense of everything that exists outside of that line, that line leading to a torturous mass murder, is also called trial by jury, also called a court of conscience, also called trial by the country, also called, once upon a time, the common law.

The deceivers have been very busy counterfeiting the words common law.

Each moral individual who chooses, on their own free will, without suffering deception that leads them back into the line, each one who chooses to get out of line has the option of volunteering to maintain the sanctuary of all that exists outside that line, and each individual affords each other individual one dictatorial power preserved throughout the ages of mankind where, and when, common law bonds people. That power is the power to say no. No, says the individual in command of moral conscience - the country declares, in this trial by the country, represented by that one volunteer, the country declares that the country must be unanimous to find guilt, and therefore on my exclusive say so, my individual dictatorial power to say no, that the one being accused of stepping out of line is not guilty of doing anything wrong at all, and therefore, even if every other individual is in line, the accused is hereby acquitted, and this decision is final in this case. It takes one out of the whole country, in trial by the country, to acquit, to set free, to liberate, any accused indvidiaul, and this power to speak for the whole country, is afforded to all individuals, when the common law is not counterfeited.

You, by the way, have most likely been duped, and you, by they way, are most likely in the line, and you, by the way, are most likely obeying falsehood without question in that line going to that torturous mass murder. Have you questioned your belief in what common law is in fact?

All it takes to save one from harm done by those in line is one who agrees with the willful decision to get out of that line. One says no, I am no longer in that line, someone in line accuses that one who decided to get out of line of wrongdoing, and the trial begins. One juror, all it takes is one, in trial by the country, says no, by my conscience, and therefore by the collective conscience of the whole country, that other, who stepped out of line, is safe and secure from harm done to that one by anyone still in that torturous mass murder line. So...go fly a kite.