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 Posted: Tue Sep 8th, 2015 11:13 am
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Welcome to Power Independence

The idea behind this Forum is not new. The idea is to improve individual viewpoints, starting with my own effort to improve my own viewpoint, offering my viewpoint, and asking for help from other people as their viewpoints are uniquely compared to my viewpoint. A single, myopic, limited, individual viewpoint can be compared to a contest of comparative viewpoints where the idea is to seek better and worse points of view: to know better from worse and to use the incremental improvement of points of view.

The power of knowledge includes the power required to improve the power of knowledge.

Discussion can be a contest of viewpoints where everyone involved agree to set aside guilt, ego, aggression, dominance, destruction, and the idea shared is one of cooperative effort to know better from worse.

Power (of knowledge) may have found me, or I may have discovered power (of knowledge) in a simple form that can open this Topic up for further exploration. If power is increased to a maximum quality and quantity, please consider, what happens to the price of that power?

How much does power cost each individual when power is scarce, hard to find, and available only for a few people who already have power?

Please consider the idea that one does not have to destroy another in order to get power.

Power Production

Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.

The words in the sentence above offer meaning from a viewpoint to any other viewpoints anywhere in reach. The idea with this Topic is to first understand the meaning of investing power so as to increase power, and second the idea is to compare competitive methods of investing power so as to increase power.

The meaning is simple. Life requires power. Without power there is no life. Life must gain power. How much power must life gain? When life has power then life can use that power to produce more power. What is the best use of power when power can be used to produce more power? Examples may help ease the ability to know this simple meaning. Knowledge is powerful.

Example 1:

"Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime."

The idea is to know-how.

Example 2:

A seed from a plant illustrates the concept well enough. An apple tree is produced from an apple seed. How many apple seeds come from one apple seed?

Example 3:

The third example may inspire productive discussion on this Topic. If one Solar Panel is produced at one home by someone working efficiently, gaining the parts needed at discount prices, assembling the single Solar Panel at home, and connecting the electricity producing unit to the home grid, and to the Local Power Grid, there will be in that example a knowable cost. At some point in time the Solar Panel will generate a knowable amount of power at a knowable price. The cost of the one Solar Panel can then be known as paid in full at the time when the Power Produced by the Solar Panel exceeds the cost to produce the Solar Panel. It can be said that the single Solar Panel reaches a point of Power Independence at the point in time when the Power Produced exceeds the investment cost: from that point onward the Power Produced is profit. The question then offered is the need to know how much profit can be produced by the single Solar Panel before the single Solar Panel stops working. Like the Apple seed producing an Apple Tree, and the Apple Tree producing many Apple Seeds, there is a point at which the farmer has many more seeds to plant and all those seeds grew from only one seed.