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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2014 01:50 pm
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6-24-2014 Summary


Joe here, and my intention is to summarize the 06-24-2014 California Conference Call.

Dave coordinated times and dates for meetings where people will bring papers and sign papers at those meetings. My intention is to be at one of those meetings.

That is the summary of the Conference Call.

Now my intention is to prepare better, instead of not preparing, and instead of preparing worse for the event where papers will be signed by people meeting in those places.

One possible preparation which may be better than no preparation is an exchange of text files to be brought and signed during the meeting so as to read those texts files of those papers in advance, so as to know what will be expected to be signed by the people at those meetings.

In my considered opinion we the people, including me, are not slaves, but we the people, including me, are (all) at various levels of injury as victims or we are all "part of the problem," and therefore we are all, we people are all, teetering between gaining benefits from the criminal system run by the criminals, and therefore we are aiding and abetting the criminals because we are the criminals, our benefits are our profits, and our profits are so called "subsides" taken from so called "tax payers" who are the victims of the fraud and extortion because they (all) pay the costs. The point being such that at various levels of injury we the people are thereby under duress as a direct result of the criminal operation of the criminal system of which we the people are, we the people constitute, that criminal system as participants under duress or as ignorant participants, or as willing participants who have an interest (a profit or benefit) in perpetrating the crime knowingly.

Under duress is part and parcel to any criminal organization because that is the nature of the beast. Criminals create criminal structures whereby the "merits" of the system include a demand for ever better liars, ever better threatening people, ever better aggressively violent people,  ever more, and ever greater, fear, horror, terror, and duress for all because that is the Natural Laws of crime done by people upon people.

There is no such thing as honor among thieves; the counterfeit honor only lasts as long as there is a ready supply of ignorant victims, but as the criminals consume all the ignorant victims those criminals are then like rats on the ship they sunk and they are then at each others throats because true honor enables people to utilize true trust in each other.

Criminals trust that criminals will lie. Ignorant victims are led to believe those lies.

Criminals trust that criminals will threaten. Ignorant victims are led to believe that the threats are real, and the only way to avoid injury is to give the criminals more power.

Criminals trust that  criminals will make victims of anyone who fails to obey the criminal order to pay the criminal and transfer more power to the criminal. Ignorant victims are those who fail to avoid the injury in any case.

Any case includes the following types of cases:

1. Criminals who are ignorant as to when another criminal will strike first in their criminal organizations that are made by criminals and run by criminals.  

2. Innocent victims who are ignorant as to when a criminal will strike first.

So we the people share a need for defense with the criminals as anyone failing at effective defense, be the failure a failure of one criminal failing to defend themselves from another criminal, or the failure is an innocent victim failing to defend against criminals.

So, that brings up the question, do the criminals utilize something similar to trial by jury when the criminals use methods by which criminals defend themselves from other criminals?

Is there a criminal version of trial by jury?

The answer is yes, that is the trial by jury system in place, as it is a counterfeit version of the trial by jury system that is used by people who are not criminals where the people who are not criminals are not out to gain at the expense of innocent people.

What is a tort payment in a law suit against a corporation?

From the treasury of stolen loot, stolen from the victims, are payments made out of that FUND, to the "winner" of a law suit where a victim is paid off, redeemed, restitution paid, from the people who caused the injury? No, not in the counterfeit system, since the counterfeit system is based upon the base lie that people have to pay a so called tax into a so called government FUND in the first place, and then from that lie the FUND is run by the criminals who then buy up all the controlling "interests" in all the "corporations" and the people are then believing in the lie that things can be held accountable, such as corporations, or governments, and the actual criminals are unaccounted for, not held accountable, while the criminals are precisely responsible for what they have actually done to who in time and place.

So the victims, ignorant as they are, compound the lie that the government, and not the criminals running the government, is responsible, and therefore people begin to believe that the government (effective defense through accurate accounting such as through trial by jury) is the problem and therefore the ignorant people have no way in their minds, and in their lives, to defend against the criminals who stole, and counterfeited, government, starting in 1787 in America.

So...what are these papers that may or may not be signed by anyone at these meetings on our schedules which are now coordinated, thankfully, by Dave?

If the new and improved, fast track papers, not the old one's I've already signed, include words to the affect of "under penalty of perjury" or some such wording then I need to know this, and I need to be able to understand what that means, and who is judging what that means, in any case in my future where I will not agree, ever, to be a slave to falsehood.

Good enough for government work to me is not the existing crimes by criminals employing color of law whereby everyone is forced under palpable duress.

I do not want to add even greater duress with more paperwork based upon the same old lies.

I will not take short cuts now called fast track, or whatever other words are used by anyone, so this can be my declaration of independence restated, in so many words, well covered as to the facts as I see them, way too many words for many people, certainly, but here, in this place, is, in fact, Public Notice.

I know the criminals took over in 1787. If other people do not know, then other people may be working as agents of the criminals, and like it or not, aware of it or not, that work aids and abets, lends moral and material support to, the criminals.

Why would I ever volunteer to do the same? Why would I pay the criminals to be better criminals? Why would I work to create a benefit which then creates a choice for someone to choose to do work that awards someone that benefit, which is, in fact, creating criminals, creating the supply that makes crime pay so well.

When crime pays well what happens?

More crime.

When due process is not afforded to everyone without exception then due process does not exist. When we the people have to, are forced to, transfer our power from our control into the hands of people working for the criminals, that payment constitutes an extortion payment, and that payment makes the victims weaker, makes the criminals stronger, and creates the benefit that enables the criminals to exist as criminals.

I am criticized often for extreme behavior.


Good enough for government work, the phrase in quotes "good enough for government work" means something to some people.

Trial by jury is our government.

Even the criminals benefit from trial by jury if they choose trial by jury voluntarily.

If good enough for government work means that I can pay off someone, transfer money to someone, fraud money at that, instead of me doing the right thing myself, in time and place, then that to me is not good enough for government work.

When those payments, any payment whatsoever, instead of me doing the actual work myself, are not voluntary payments I make into a voluntary FUND where I can pay, or not pay, because the POWER in the FUND is used ONLY FOR DEFENSE, inspiring me to pay, and never for Aggressive Violence upon innocent people, inspiring me not to pay, then the accurate accounting work I do myself seals my knowledge of right and wrong in that case.

If I smell that rat, that pay off, that "good enough for government work" expediency, that short cut, that easy way out, that bribe, that extortion payment, in this effort, then there is no way, in honor, I can sign a paper based upon that rat smell.

I sign a lot of papers under duress, palpable duress. Ever since knowledge connected to me through enough sources by which I am now empowered to know right from wrong in a forensic sense of duty for mortal existence, the concept of signing documents as an honorable act by me, FOR the benefit of other people, is ridiculous when dealing with the present criminals system.

How ridiculous?

What happens to the brain of any member of the people when that member of the whole people reads the following:

Antifederalist No. 15


This essay appeared in The Massachusetts Gazette, December 7, 1787, as reprinted From The Freeman's Journal; (Or, The North-America Intelligencer?)

The abuse which has been thrown upon the state of Rhode Island seems to be greatly unmerited. Popular favor is variable, and those who are now despised and insulted may soon change situations with the present idols of the people. Rhode Island has out done even Pennsylvania in the glorious work of freeing the Negroes in this country, without which the patriotism of some states appears ridiculous. The General Assembly of the state of Rhode Island has prevented the further importation of Negroes, and have made a law by which all blacks born in that state after March, 1784, are absolutely and at once free.

They have fully complied with the recommendations of Congress in regard to the late treaty of peace with Great Britain, and have passed an act declaring it to be the law of the land. They have never refused their quota of taxes demanded by Congress, excepting the five per cent impost, which they considered as a dangerous tax, and for which at present there is perhaps no great necessity, as the western territory, of which a part has very lately been sold at a considerable price, may soon produce an immense revenue; and, in the interim, Congress may raise in the old manner the taxes which shall be found necessary for the support of the government.

The state of Rhode Island refused to send delegates to the Federal Convention, and the event has manifested that their refusal was a happy one as the new constitution, which the Convention has proposed to us, is an elective monarchy, which is proverbially the worst government. This new government would have been supported at a vast expense, by which our taxes-the right of which is solely vested in Congress, (a circumstance which manifests that the various states of the union will be merely corporations) -- would be doubled or trebled. The liberty of the press is not stipulated for, and therefore may be invaded at pleasure. The supreme continental court is to have, almost in every case, "appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact," which signifies, if there is any meaning in words, the setting aside the trial by jury.

Specific words recorded in history that specify my power of knowledge in this case (signing papers):

"Rhode Island has out done even Pennsylvania in the glorious work of freeing the Negroes in this country, without which the patriotism of some states appears ridiculous."

Well...I had to go out and do some productive work, and this present effort IN DEFENSE was cut short.

Often stated by John Darash are the words describing the fact that government is by the people who participate. People who participate includes many competitive avenues, paths, where people participate, and none of those avenues involve willful distortion of the facts to gain at the expense of the deceived, at least not in trial by jury, if that makes sense to anyone but me, then I'd like to know.

If lies, threats, and aggressive violence upon the innocent (a.k.a. crimes) are not part of our government then what does that leave?

Accurate accounting.

What is the meaning of the following words:

"Rhode Island has out done even Pennsylvania in the glorious work of freeing the Negroes in this country, without which the patriotism of some states appears ridiculous."

It is patently absurd for someone to claim that the so called Constitution whereby slavery was institutionalized on a country wide basis is in any way anything other than a crime perpetrated by criminals upon innocent victims.

What then can be expected to happen once the criminals take over on a country-wide basis?

What goes through the minds of people who read (participate) those words?

Which words?

These words:

"The supreme continental court is to have, almost in every case, "appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact," which signifies, if there is any meaning in words, the setting aside the trial by jury."

Would someone be clued in on the vital information having to do with whatever happened to trial by jury in America?

Where was trial by jury taken over by the criminals in this country in time and place?

As it happens, just so happens, the same time and place were slavery was institutionalized on a country-wide basis, that time and place, happens to be the same time and place were trial by jury was counterfeited by the criminals according to another institutionalized crime done by criminals to victims. Trial by jury is due process, is government, is accurate accounting, is a court of record, is government by those who participate, and in place of the genuine due process affordable to all without exception is crime in the form of counterfeit "federal courts" with devil worshiping criminal "judges" for all to see if all cares to participate and actually look at the accurate accounts.

So...with all that in mind, at least clearly knowable in at least one mind, meetings will take place in California to accomplish a goal involving the signing of papers and now a decision to employ the services of a notary.

What do you think was the cause of trial by jury in England turning into abject belief in falsehood without question, or color of law, or tyranny, or despotism, or complete takeover by the criminals of the former voluntary, defensive, government, turning the former government into a crime that continues to this day?

The jurists were either paid off with bribes or the jurists were fooled into paying the extortion fee that was then used to pay off the other jurists with bribes.

That happened. Then trial by jury in England lost the power put into trial by jury by the people who participate in trial by jury.

Those payments, that flow of power, that economic flow of purchasing power, paid for by the victims of extortion, paid into the FUND that is then used to bribe any remaining jurists who may not yet be fooled, rendered powerless of mind, into paying the extortion fee, cause a price to be put upon due process, a fee.

Those who can afford the fee for due process pay the fee.

Is it due process due anyone, afforded to anyone, including the criminals without exception, when there is a price placed on due process?


What was once our effective defense, an abundant supply of effective defense, like air, like Liberty, like clean, life sustaining oxygen, like sunlight, like knowledge, like wisdom, where all that is of such an abundant supply, supplied by generous people who participate in the effective defense of the innocent, out with that, in place of that vital public good, is a marketable commodity sold by ONE single supplier who then fixes the price at "that which the market will bear," and so the supply of that former public good can be made very scarce, and what happens when something vital, like air, like oxygen, like sunlight, is very scarce?

People will pay any price to get another breath of life sustaining air.

In England, while trial by jury was the government by the people, of the people, and for the people, was government by the people who participated, the tax paid by those who volunteered to be the government was trial by jury in defense against internal criminals intent upon making crime pay well for the criminals at the expense of the victims.

That duty, that trial by jury participation, was the tax in England. That was tax. It was taxing the people.

There was one other tax.

The other tax was military duty in case of an invasion by an army of criminals.

That English-made form of government was imported to American by people who participated in moral government; i.e. defense of the innocent. Those volunteers in England voted with their feet from England where the criminals took over a former free people turning those formerly free people into slaves. The liberated, free, people voted with their feet from England to America; at a heavy price.

What did the good people, the moral people, the people who participated constitute in America?

They constituted a Declaration of Independence and 13 Constitutional Republics and those representatives running those Republics then formed a voluntary union or Federation as a mutual defense association created in the effort to defend the people from specific criminals who wore RED COATS.

So...who ignores the fact that there are these criminals working ever so diligently, these guys wearing RED COATS, from England, to enslave the people who participated in constituting freedom, and Liberty, for all, in America?

"Rhode Island has out done even Pennsylvania in the glorious work of freeing the Negroes in this country, without which the patriotism of some states appears ridiculous."

"The supreme continental court is to have, almost in every case, "appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact," which signifies, if there is any meaning in words, the setting aside the trial by jury."

Is it a good idea to accurately account for the criminals so as not to make the foolish mistake of lending moral and material support to those criminals, so as to avoid aiding and abetting the criminals among the free, Liberated, people in America?

Is it better to go along to get along with those who are either fooled by the criminals or those who are the criminals themselves because they know that the criminals took over in 1787?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

The answer is clearly no. It is better to hold everyone, without exception, to due process of law, because the ones who are excepted just so happen to be accurately accountable as the criminals.

The only difference between the fools fooled into paying the extortion fee and those who collect and employ the power, the loot, that is stolen, is a palpable ignorance.

Here is where the ancient example of meaning is afforded to anyone living today with the two terms mens rea and actus reus; afforded to anyone who participates anytime the knowledge connects to them in time and place.

Those who are ignorant, and a Bible verse is useful here too, perpetrate the crime of extortion but not fraud; and they fall under the term actus reus.

Bible verse:

34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

On the other hand are those who do know, know very well, and yet they go along with the crime knowing it is a crime; guilty of mind, or mens rea.

So...the damning information exists, I've read it, I know it, and all I am here is just another messenger boy, the true law exists despite my efforts to know it, despite my efforts to communicate it, it exists, it does what it does, in time and place, in reality.


"Rhode Island has out done even Pennsylvania in the glorious work of freeing the Negroes in this country, without which the patriotism of some states appears ridiculous."

"The supreme continental court is to have, almost in every case, "appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact," which signifies, if there is any meaning in words, the setting aside the trial by jury."

You get what you pay for.

I am not a slave to falsehood without question. I am not a slave to any man in any place at any time. I know better about paying into the fraud. I know better about paying the extortion fees. I found precisely where, how, when, why, how much, each step of the way, the criminal take over of the people in America proceeded right up to this moment and so how will that knowledge help in any way, toward the effective defense of the innocent; and in particular when meetings take place in California?

Keep my mouth shut?

Avoid the use of my keyboard?

Settle for going along to get along; good enough for government work?

What is the problem?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."