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 Posted: Sun Jan 19th, 2014 11:01 pm
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Joe Kelley wrote:
Supposing the redeemer has 100 of those fraudulent Federal Reserve Notes, such as 10 so called 10 dollar bills: how are the demands demanded during the process of opening a bank account that will be connected to Pay Pal or other competitive eCommerce services?

I arrive at the bank, I have 100 units of legal fraud, and I demand that my deposit be redeemed and I also ask that my redeemed (no longer fraudulent) legal tender be connected to at least one competitive eCommerce service?

One thing at a time:

How is the demand made by which the fraud is nullified?

Handprint the demand on the very 1st deposit slip, just under your name & address. Once scanned into their system you demand has become substantive evidence by their rules of evidence (FRE 803(6). Your demand is now registered as affecting ALL transactions. It gets nullified annually via 1040, line 21.