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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2014 07:10 pm
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As far as I know I cannot communicate with David Merrill. The last I heard was that my acceptance onto his Forum was blocked.

I see a problem with Dictatorial (one way) connections.

I see problems with connections that intend to be shared (two way) connections when those connections fail to reach the goal of being shared connections.

This is not a new problem to me.

I can accept that...
What do you think I offered to you; whereby you "accept" whatever it is you think I offered to you?

I can't serve two masters. I can't get a bank account while I don't get a bank account.

That is why I offered 3 ways to fix the communication problem.

Me personally will, or will not, get a bank account. I take this (as yet not known) step to reach that goal.

Fictional person A does get a bank account and Fictional person A takes this (as yet not known) step to reach that goal.

Fictional person B does not get a bank account and fictional person B proceeds along the path that reaches for an Affidavit (for some unknown reasoning as yet) instead of getting a bank account.

You were at a place and time in your past, and then you got a bank account along this path, step by step, or you did not get one.

If you did not get a bank account, then you proceeded along, step by step, to reach the goal of getting an Affidavit (for a reason that you understood).

Now, I may be asking too much, I understand that fully. My questions often put people on the defensive, and then I ask why? Often someone says that I said this or that, and I often respond with an offer along the lines of no, I did not say that, as my words were precisely this, and my words were definitely not that, so now it can be understood that I definitely did not say what someone thought I said, and it could be understood that I definitely did say what I did say.

That arrangement of words in that last paragraph could be "The story of my life" in one paragraph.