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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2014 06:26 pm
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Why not use the fiction provided you at birth? Open a bank account and a Paypal account for that PERSON to make business MUCH easier.
You and I are worlds apart in many ways. I could explain in detail, but the point is that we will have difficulty communicating. So...
I pick out words that are assembled by you as you seek to accomplish a goal that we both agree to share, and with those recognizable arrangements of symbols I can build the bridge from my side, reaching for your side.
That quote above is an exemplary arrangement of symbols that I can recognize as a part of my own world.

Step 1 when someone, anyone, proceeds from not using the fiction provided at birth to the goal of using the fiction provided at birth.
I can get past the words that constitute a crime in progress, such as the word "provided," and I can merely look at each step of the way, as I set aside the obvious, accurate, measures of the crime in progress.

A person decides to utilize something that exists and this thing that exists is called a fiction, and this fiction exists along side a human being who was not born, and then is born in time and space.
Before is no human being being born.
After is a human being having been born.
In that time and place there is something called a fiction that appears into reality in some form at that time when that human being is born.
The human being connected to that fiction can decide to utilize that fiction in some way.
So steps have already occurred as such:
1. Human being is born
2. Fiction exists and is connected in some way to the human being that is born
3. Human being connected in some way to the fiction decides to USE or UTILIZE the fiction
4. Next step

A source of confusion:
Open a bank account and a Paypal account for that PERSON to make business MUCH easier.
To answer your post: You don't need a bank account. You can record an Affidavit instead.

Often is the case where an obvious source of confusion is not precisely identified, and the shared goal of accurate communication is no longer possible?