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 Posted: Sun Oct 20th, 2013 08:38 am
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Joe, I saw in my email that I have a message with an attachment from you. I have not opened the message or my email lately because Friday we found out that here in the country we do not have unlimited internet access. What we thought was a speed rating was actually data package rating and we have exceeded our allowance and doubled our bill... and now for this cycle which ends Nov 12 we only have 25% left. This is new to us and we are not sure how we will proceed. I can't listen to YouTube at will, etc, and I don't know if I can open the book yet. Jeff and I need to talk about it. I am not even sure how much data I transferred opening your website, but I thought maybe it was less than my email because I don't delete old messages so I have over 1000 messages that need cleaned out. I am only on this morning because I need to look up a greek word for my sunday school lesson and thought this to be a good time to contact you. We are also in a financial bind at the moment because our friends who are going to buy our house are remodeling it before they are buying it so we do not have that house payment offsetting our house payment, etc. What a mess...