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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2013 06:37 pm
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From the Welcome page at The National Liberty Alliance to Common Law

I went to this LINK and began to stumble upon the origin of the authority to define the existence of a Legal (authorized) Court of Record and/or a Court of No Record.

The effort to trace back the origin of the authority ended at these links:


Court of Record

The concept is to KNOW the Law, not kind of, sort of, somewhat, ambiguously, think about a possible belief in the so called law.

So how does someone ever claim authority of Law without competence in tracing back the origin of THE LAW back to the source in any CASE whatsoever whereby someone challenges (Take me to your leader!!) any claim of authority over THE LAW?

So I got stuck SEARCHING THE LAW looking for that step, by step, by step, trace of authority from Court of Record back to the ultimate source, which will be Natural (or God's) Law, and then any Law made by any single man (or woman) and then any customary consent of any man-made law such as common law, or The Common Law, or COMMON LAW, and again CAUTION concerning the genuine (no on is above the law) based common law was counterfeited into a Maritime/Admiralty version called English Common Law, so it may be a good idea to avoid a miss step in tracing back any authority in any case whatsoever.

I found HELP back at The National Liberty Alliance, Common Law, web page, and I can begin to listen to the section called Common Law Lecture, Court of Record (7 hrs 20 min), that link is the first lesson from the Web Page here linked again.

I don't want the fraudulent, criminal, Maritime/Admiralty English Common Law version of what is, or is not, according to The People, a Court of Record. I want the common law, customary law, the law that says no one is above the law, no exceptions, no one, each are equal under the law, no magic wand of exception whatsoever, or it is not law, and therefore not wanted as a false claim of authority may be the case if the trail leads back to Henry the VIII, instead of having THE LAW, or "common law," trace back to Magna Carte, and Trial by Jury.

I don't want the Might makes Right (criminal) Dictates claiming (falsely) authority.

I want to trace back the validity of a Court of Record back to, at least, Magna Carte days, when The People were the source of authority according to the custom of Trial by Jury, which was, and is, based upon Natural Law (or God's Law = same thing as Natural Law = or at least both are in perfect harmony), which is LAW outside the hands of mortal men alone; hence the concept of 12 people required for conviction of fact, or law, or guilt, or punishment, and any single PEER (juror) can acquit, and set a presumed to be innocent person free where everyone is until proven guilty.

We are free, and that is a natural fact, until some criminal binds us to their will by fraud, by threat, and by aggressive violence.

I hope I find help in those links at The National Liberty Alliance.