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 Posted: Sat May 11th, 2013 12:16 am
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This is becoming a much more serious effort to hammer out the words on the anvil as we work at being wordsmiths?

Seems I remember a friend who participated in the process to create crushed rock?

I think you gave me some words about that one time, and the concept of a rough cut becoming a finer cut. I think maybe it had to do with book writing, but as far as which abyss it is in...I have no idea :)

Thank you for the words above regarding the sentences. I have been gone since 8 this morning so I haven't done any book work. But will start back with that incorporation and ask if I have further questions about it.

I left you a reply here:

and would like to know that you received it. You do not need to reply, I just want to know that you got my words. They were meant to be an encouragement.

Can your forum "nest" replies? I don't know if that is the proper lingo...

yours truly,
the toothless bear :D