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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2013 04:07 pm
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I agree with the concept of being consistent, and I think the American way is preferable over the English way, for reasons that you may guess.

The Fiction work, as far as I can guess, will be a disciplined effort to get on task, and then stay on task, in fits of creativity, like music. I will probably find early morning sessions to be opportunities in this process, instead of picking up the guitar, I will have inspiration to write my thoughts into fictional story lines, and in time I may learn how to fuel that process. For today the inspiration was non-existent, compared to the other day when I threw myself into it.

Meanwhile a second book on The Liberty Day Challenge could be moved ahead. I don't know how this works. The concept of being an author instead of being a laborer is still foreign. I worked as a mechanic, laborer, machine operator, etc. for so many years. It is in my blood.

My wife and I spoke about my present role as housekeeper, cook, parent, the things she did, before I was no longer in demand as a laborer, before she drove herself into being a competitive business operator.

The first book may provide evidence, or justification, in authorship combined with publishing power?