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 Posted: Wed May 8th, 2013 11:23 am
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The point of the book can be summed up as:

Pay the legal criminals less, and they will be less powerful.

If I were to force you to choose between eating one child to save one child or, on the other hand, I eat both of them, while you watch, and then I do whatever else I want, then that is the extreme example I offer to  you, as I attempt to reply to your last reply.

This is my point.

You reply with some measure of some evil that you have done, which to me sounds like reasonable human error, or sin, or whatever words you want to use to describe what you want me to see.

My point is my point.

Your point is your point.

Your point points out bad things you did, bad things you did voluntarily, bad things you realize to be bad things now, and bad things you paid for, in your own way, in time, on Earth.

My point points out how a constant flow of power from those who produce that power honestly, flowing to very bad people, make the honest productive people weaker, and make the very bad people more powerful, and an extreme end on that road has been, and is now, and will be extreme to a point that can be illustrated with picture, words, or personal experiences.

I choose words to illustrate the point.

You are forced by someone to choose between eating one of your children alive, to save the other one, or, failing to obey, without question, the person forcing you to obey, without question, will eat your children alive first, and then do whatever that person cares to do to you afterward.

Your point is understood by me, as a point worth pondering.

You know me by now, so you can expect this type of challenge offered back to you, as I offer my point, over, and over, and over, and over again.

The book intends to convey the meaning expressed in Joe's Law.

Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.

The idea is to illustrate how life can be when the victims stop obeying the criminals without question.

I will print this despite the very harsh language, the very harsh mental imagery, the extreme example offered to press the point upon you, in case you fail to get the point offered.

I am not, and you are not, asking for someone to force anyone to make such choices as the choices being made, the real choices, the real evil extremes, on this road.

This road is the opposite of Joe's Law.

Power produced into scarcity increases the price of power while purchasing power decreases (for the victims not for the criminals) because lack of power (to the victims) increases the cost of production.

The victims grow weaker, the criminals grow stronger.

The victims grow fewer in number, and the criminals grow larger in number.


When you make human errors, realizing them to be errors, pay the price of your errors, you are being human, not good, at that time, but how are you ever to learn, and how are humans ever going to have the POWER required to adapt if humans are not designed with this power to learn?

You do not force other people to choose between Evil A (eat one kid), or Evil B (be eaten), so my point remains to be pointing at those who do force those evil choices upon their targeted victims.

Point out, at least, the most powerful evil people, and stop making them so much more powerful, and learn by doing that, since sending the most evil people the entire amount of surplus power you can make, is on a scale a more serious error, compared to a tattoo.

Is that reasonable, or are you going to continue with this effort to blame everyone for the actions of a few?