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 Posted: Tue May 7th, 2013 08:59 am
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b. productive, income earning, work is no longer a significant measure of time

This sounds extremely arguable

I would say that with time work can only take more time eventually taking up all time so no time is wasted on damaging activities and everything one does is productive more than damaging in one way or another. There is no race to some ultimate deadline - is exactly the reason for it not to sit on one's hands and waste time. Nothing will ascend one except one oneself so there is no reason to wait for anything.

a. Schooling is no longer institutionalized/centralized

I don't think that this in particular visualizes the topic of competition good enough. Thing is that this stage on the way to something better is inevitable, meaning cannot be bypassed. Same as with religion in a way. And considering the state of society as of today I'd say institutionalized education will be required most assuredly to get through important problems humanity faces. In this light state's media propaganda is an imporatant instrument for such a goal. This instrument can do so much against drugs (including tobacco and alcohol), because the second reason for people becoming addicts is disinformation about drugs (first being availability as per usual - absolute ban for selling is mandatory as soon as possible). I think the subject of planned osolescence is more suited to on one side show competition going wrong way and on the other show industry specifics as competition leading to obvious benefits, but eventually made into counter-intuitive decision thanks to social parasites.

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