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 Posted: Mon May 6th, 2013 02:40 pm
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Character names connect to significant history
a. Main character is Josiah Warren, student
b. Teacher, trainer, crime prevention is Steven Andrews
c. Employer is

Examples of how competition moves quality up and cost down.
a. Schooling is no longer institutionalized/centralized
b. productive, income earning, work is no longer a significant measure of time

a. Individual defensive immobilizing weapon
b. electric powered vehicles
c. electric generating devices

Notes on current writing.
Mary arrives with a heavy jacket on, which is a solar power generator, or solar panel, and there are questions as to why someone is wearing so much in warm weather.

Reusable grocery bag is introduced into the story, while Mary is in the kitchen.

Mary interrupts the history lesson when arriving at the table with tea, steering the lesson back to the concept of power, or control, over mind into positive directions instead of the less competitive negative directions, and Steve bends back into The War on Falsehood.