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 Posted: Fri Apr 19th, 2013 06:19 am
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Oh, gosh... (with strong 'Russian' accent): "What can a mun do against such reckless h..." Ah, nevermind.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

"Such parlour tricks can get stuffed". Or better yet: "Don't MAKE things simple or complicated, KNOW them to be what they are".

And besides, I have a serious deal of despise towards the figure of Einstein.

I couldn't make 4 simultaneous absolute truths more simple.

"I've been waiting a long time for this, my little green friend..." Wait, what? See now? I can't even get serious when I encounter an "enlightenment" such as this. Even my 'extra provolone' mode doesn't allow me to downplay certain grotesqueries these words of yours imply.

Why is it that I need to get anywhere with that truth? Are we trying to get somewhere? If so, where?

What happened to search for truth? Ah, YES !!! Golly !!! That is THE ABSOLUTE BLOOMING TRUTH already !!! But wait... Thinking ahead would be a horrible thing, something someone refers to as 'competent'. Can't have that!

And the absolute truth is, Sergey, if you are as male as I think you are, you will never experience my absolute truths. Nor I yours.

Whoops, WRONG! But I probably shouldn't explain why, or I might go facepalm-tilt from anything that my response will surely provoke.

I am simple. I do not even know what non-locality truth is.

"There are many things, my friend Horacio, of which our sages never even dreamt"

Truth that is not based on location? Or truth that does not have a location. Or truth that is not local to me? I could look it up and see, but right now I am going to go to sleep listening to a Jewish Holocaust survivor. I am in the middle of her story. She was from Poland and she is in the Forest carrying ammo as a Partisan for her Partisan husband who carries the machine gun. It looks like they are assisting the Russians, or should I say the Russians are assisting them, against the Germans. I find her story much more compelling than ending up in a camp some where and barely squeaking by. But then again, her story isn't yet finished. Maybe she does end up in a camp some where.

Speaking with me about 'holocaust' will not end well. So unless you want to get upset - better not. Reminds me of one sick scenario where main character has to make a stupid choice of either saving his life (for later sudden realization and suicide) or pursuing truth (to be tricked and ending up killing innocents). Sort of like Tower Taro card in reversed position. Problem is - people have problem seeing beyond what is apparent.

But hey, who cares what I say? 'Extra provolone' mode is not going to be disengaged anytime soon it seems.