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 Posted: Fri Apr 19th, 2013 04:49 am
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If am allowed to speak, then I'll say that thanks to intrepid and mind-boggling deduction we finally have a firm grasp of the obvious. Achievement get! :

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

I think Joe gave me that quote one time.

I couldn't make 4 simultaneous absolute truths more simple.

Doesn't get anyone anywhere.

Why is it that I need to get anywhere with that truth? Are we trying to get somewhere? If so, where?

Well, those 4 truths have already enabled me to become an Aunt. And there is still the hope that someday I may become a Grandmother.

And the absolute truth is, Sergey, if you are as male as I think you are, you will never experience my absolute truths. Nor I yours.

I am simple. I do not even know what non-locality truth is.

Truth that is not based on location? Or truth that does not have a location. Or truth that is not local to me? I could look it up and see, but right now I am going to go to sleep listening to a Jewish Holocaust survivor. I am in the middle of her story. She was from Poland and she is in the Forest carrying ammo as a Partisan for her Partisan husband who carries the machine gun. It looks like they are assisting the Russians, or should I say the Russians are assisting them, against the Germans. I find her story much more compelling than ending up in a camp some where and barely squeaking by. But then again, her story isn't yet finished. Maybe she does end up in a camp some where.