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 Posted: Thu Apr 18th, 2013 08:45 pm
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Am I allowed to speak for myself?

Doesn't get anyone anywhere.
I was able to understand the communication offered and I can check to see if my understanding was accurate. I can ask the source of the communication offered to see if she got anywhere.

By using the words offered I was able to see that the person is not just a female person, she is a female person who was not manufactured from an unknown source, as a daughter, it stands to reason, she was born naturally, from a father and a mother, and further this female person, not being merely a female person, is by her account, a person joined as one with a male person, being married, and to add to the list intended to be communicated, to get somewhere, she adds that she is not only a female person, a daughter, and a wife, she is also a mother who has by her capacity to do so, reproduced, and now there are examples of her DNA, combined with her husbands DNA, alive today.

I think I got somewhere, if I am allowed to speak for myself.