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 Posted: Sun Apr 14th, 2013 07:59 pm
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How is it that we have come to a time and place where the Golden Rule was a good as gold in the eyes of the general public to one that is now a rule spurned?

    In my line of work I meet many strangers, people I do not know intimately, and it is my experience that , for the majority of them, The Golden Rule is not spurned. We still have a chance.

     Good people stopped caring for some reason?

     I think, perhaps, they still care. I think the problem is the pursuit of happiness.  Although I do not feel that mass behavioral modification has reached the heights that Joe believes it has, it does exist. One of the modifications has been the idea that pursuing happiness requires creating it. If I buy enough conveniences I will be happy has replaced if I find meaning in my life I will evoke happiness. The former is fleeting but the latter is enduring and independent of the quality of our environment.