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 Posted: Sun Apr 14th, 2013 02:16 pm
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Yes, reasons for caring were counterfeited, and can that be accurately demonstrated as fact?

I really like the study of Edward Bernays, and if you read Erich Fromm you can get an idea as to the science involved in Mass Behavioral Modification. Edward Bernays was related to Sigmund Freud, and the book by Erich Fromm explains much on the connections between early human life and life after "Science" was applied to Mass Behavioral Modification.

If people do not seek, then find, their own ways through life (spiritual connections perhaps), then their ways through life are driven externally.

Who is doing the driving?

If the idea for women was to find validation for their lives and they grew up with Edward Bernays and the Tobacco Monopolies (Subsidized through involuntary "government" officer holders), then they were driven to smoke cigarettes to gain the validation, and before that women were driven to move from families to work places so as to satisfy the demand made by a group of people to keep wages low by increasing the number of workers seeking the scarce supply of jobs.

If you listened to the part of the reports offered by John Taylor Gatto and the "Up for adoption" report, then you can find that scarcity of jobs angle told.

The driving of behavior is not new, in America it was certainly occurring in the example of the False Federalist Papers and see how well that worked, even now there are people very well driven by those very well crafted lies.

The Legal Criminals seek something, they do whatever is required to get what they seek, and then the victims are rendered clueless, divided, and misdirected.

What else is new?