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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2013 04:17 pm
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Those words inspire me to ask, does not pondering and assesssing lead to understanding? And if the goal is to provide truth for transformation of or at the least sharing of perception, then, the author would provide information that is worth pondering and assessing in order for the reader to gain understanding.

I meant that the goal should be accurately articulated. Just pondering and assessing doesn't lead to anything. But if It's not JUST pondering and assessing, but also acting as a result of it - then some knowledge is probably gained. So if we allow things like "Agree to disagree" to persist then it would seem understanding hasn't been reached. Goal is of course getting closer to the truth. Maybe I misspoke and my English failed me yet again? These are the times I absolutely inexplicably despise English language. It's like rainbow with colors lacking... Sorry for that.