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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2013 11:59 pm
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     I like that quote. Although I do wonder what his definition of mishap might be. Cortez wiping out an entire civilization would seem to me to be a mishap. The maltreatment and near genocide of the native North Americans would seem to me to be a mishap.

     Yet, I agree with Solzhenitsyn's final words. I think sometimes, Joe, you put far to much emphasis on an abject belief in falsehood, as you call it, due to scientifically perfected mass hypnosis when, in truth, it is simply humans being humans

 in the various parts of the world [where] men apply their own hard-earned values to events, and they judge stubbornly, confidently, only according to their own scales of values and never according to any others.

     The same observation applies to the population of America with its large geographic, ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.  Some of the adversity you face when expressing your view is due to this human tendency to form a value judgement of an idea or action based on their experience and not on having been duped.

    The problem, of course, is distinguishing between the two.

    It would seem to me, therefore, that one way to avert any future impending mishaps, is continually engaging in discussions that attempt to honestly convey one anothers experiences in the hope of eliciting a common value judgement that permits all people to live in peace --- a rather lofty goal, I admit.

     This I believe, Jee-Host[gm], is what Joe intends when he talks of a Russian history book idea.

      Is it, Joe?




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