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 Posted: Mon Apr 8th, 2013 09:24 pm
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When you are ready for the next book project I have 2 ideas working.


The History of Russia

So there were 3 ideas? Or 3rd just happen to come to mind at the last second?

Because I would seriously advise against planning on making book on this subject. Subject is SO messed up and falseful that I'm not sure any open-minded person can digest quickly. I'm putting things politely in that forum section (which takes quite some juice out of me, like I'm writing cursed history book), because if I didn't, I'd seem completely nuts, and I mean 'the great wall(-nut) of China' (oh, don't get me started on the subject of that wall - i'll explode) kind of nuts. There has to be a sincere wish to sort out that huge pile of dung, otherwise it would be like convincing Thomas Aquinas that he failed on his philosophy (which he obviously did, though btw - I strongly suggest learning about his famed '5 proofs' and trying to beat his logic on your own - very nice brain excercise). I'm actually seriously relieved that you didn't ask me to explain earlier history of Russia. There are so many holes in official and most review versions and explanations given are ludicrous at best. Things like "48 people held 600 tons in suspension for x amount of time". Yeah, right...

What do the words:

"Common Sense in Modern Times"

inspire in your thinking?

Sorry to butt in, but this really inspired me to say a few words (which is why I'm typing this when I should be fast asleep already).

The way you put it suggests that common sense as conception is a conditional value, rather than absolute. So I would ask to carefully elaborate on term limits. Because if we view this name as describing conditional value - we are prone to logical inconsistencies such as 'common' sense not being exactly common (and there is no 69 ways about it - that's unfortunately is the case), which would result in it being a figure of speech instead of accurate description. However, if it is an absolute value, then name of said conception is undoubtedly a figure of speech but referring to a different substance. The whole wording of 'common sense in modern times' indicates common sense changing, pointing out conditional nature respectively. However the idea of it represents at any given time throws mind toward absolute values of good and evil no matter how close to the truth understanding of those by any given individual stretches.

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