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 Posted: Mon Apr 8th, 2013 01:26 pm
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I am laughing as I think I am writing Joe like one would write a Dear Abby. Thank you for your words though. I don't know how I would expect you to know what someone else means. But I had been wondering for a month or so. I will have to think about asking 2 more times. I am not so forward and probably have a bit of fear concerning the outcome.
Your Russian friend is writing a 20th Century History of Russia!!! How very interesting!!! I already read this morning and am so looking forward to hearing a personal perspective of Russian History instead of the canned version that may or may not be true.
"Also, and very important: War is Profitable is a lie.

In a relative sense the people who gain the most from war are also losers compared to what they could have gained if war could have been avoided.

War is good for the economy <------------------- That is fraudulent in demonstrable, accurate, fact."

Once again Joe, you look at an angle I didn't exercise myself to think about. Yes, What would they have gained if war had been avoided. Yes, and if I think about it long enough, I suppose I would see Joe's Law at work and it is almost too much to take in.

The boys are watching 20,000 leagues under the sea as they picked up the vhs at a garage sale. It seems there is some conflict with good, peaceful society being destroyed. I haven't watched it to see exactly what it was about, but it caught my attention. I had forgotten that angle. All I had remembered was the giant octopus.

They can't allow competition to exist because I suppose they want to be the only ones to profit? Control and power is more important that wealth because they have so much wealth they do not need anymore? So now it is a game of domination? Lots of question marks because I do not know if I am connecting the dots right. But to me it seems like a logical conclusion.