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 Posted: Sat Apr 6th, 2013 02:30 pm
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I don't know what to make of all those words.


"But tonight, I met a sweet girl at a bar, and I'm reminded, that girl energy is different from boy energy."

He is married, yet he met a sweet girl at a bar, and somehow a sweet girl at a bar is similar to you?

I do not know this person, I have looked up his Web Site on a Web Site Ranking page, and the Web Site looks like a money maker.

A Web Site Ranking Page

You ask:

"It is full of links to movies with a final link to Aleister Crowley. I am trying to connect dots and read some kind of message that may not be there. Can you understand? Or is it just some kind of meant to be fun mind trip?"

I don't know, and if he does not answer back, then that is an answer, especially if you ask 3 times.

I have always had a thing about asking 3 times whenever dealing with someone I could not afford to trust, like bosses at work, or even kids, it rarely happened, but when it did I made sure, like a person suffering from that stuff they call O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I made sure that the event was reinforced on the spot, kind of like how people suffering from O.C.D. wash their hands a few times in a row.

I say, later, no, no, you can't tell me that, because I remember well, in fact while I was asking you I made sure that I asked you 3 times, and each time you gave me the same answer: 3 times, so no, I am not forgetting about this specific thing, you answered this way, and I know it.

Eventually I got a tape recorded to tape record my Boss telling me lies, and that was just me being too naive. As soon as I had the lies on the tape recorder, not "only" in my own head, I got up and left that job on the spot.

If the message is confusing, which it is, then the messenger is writing a confusing message to you, and it may even be confusing to him, and if you can't find out if there is any message worth sending from him to you, that is not confusing, that is a message, and it isn't confusing.

You can't find out what he means.

That is not confusing.

How do you build up trust?

Also, and very important: War is Profitable is a lie.

In a relative sense the people who gain the most from war are also losers compared to what they could have gained if war could have been avoided.

War is good for the economy <------------------- That is fraudulent in demonstrable, accurate, fact.