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 Posted: Fri Apr 5th, 2013 06:34 pm
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"War is profitable?

That is, of course, a lie."

Wouldn't that depend on whether you are a criminal or not? Someone funds both sides of war. Why? Profit? What kind of profit? Power?

OK, I didn't reply to that earlier because I couldn't think. I must have had a brain freeze :)


Anyways I came back over here to ask you if you could interpret something for me. I can't understand what is being said to me. I do often see in color even if I only see black and white. And before you answer, let me say that I have already asked the author and did not hear back.

It is full of links to movies with a final link to Aleister Crowley. I am trying to connect dots and read some kind of message that may not be there. Can you understand? Or is it just some kind of meant to be fun mind trip?

Joe, if you don't mind. What do you make of this: