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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2012 09:30 pm
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Already we have the makings of a product, a pamphlet, a book, to begin to offer other people, common sense stuff, and there may be more of a demand that we think, and if we take another step, the book may become real.

Which program can make a book real, I looked into the MS Publisher program but found no Template to fit the goal in mind.



I downloaded a Microsoft Word template they provided. This template took into account whether a page was a left page or a right page, it helped build the table of contents, kept the page numbers accurate, etc. In other words, the template used by any publisher in the world when they format your book.
and here:


That appears to be paths to take, to end up with a copy of a book held in the hand, a prototype, to get an idea on marketability. I can show my wife a copy. My son, my daughter, anyone.

Hey, this is a book, what do you think?

Back to here:

I can learn more in Publishing that Web Page, to add marketing tools, a picture of the book cover, etc.

What is the first Chapter?

The Banking Salesman selling Product 1 and Product 2?

An explanation of Power Political Economy called Joe's law or called by another name such as Equitabilist Political Economy?