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 Posted: Tue Oct 17th, 2006 06:13 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter: “The path that the United States is currently embarked on regarding Iran is a path that will inevitably lead to war. Such a course of action will make even the historical mistake we made in Iraq pale by comparison.”



No nuclear country is likely to intervene nor threaten to intervene when the US uses nuclear weapons against Iran, hence there is no military deterrent to such use. The US has now achieved vast nuclear superiority, and is about to demonstrate to the world that its 5-trillion nuclear arsenal is not "unusable".
Scaring people into accepting dictatorship is an old trick that does not work without a few examples made.

Note the absence of REASON or MOTIVE for all this EVIL.

The motive is power and particularly the POWER to monopolize the worlds currency i.e. Dollar Hegemony.

The Dollar Hegemony depends upon the POWER to control the flow of oil to whom, when, where, how much, and by what currency i.e. The U.S. Dollar.

If Iran is ‘allowed’ to sell Oil to anyone, anytime, and utilizing any currency, then, Dollar Hegemony is defeated – end of story.

This stuff is real. This stuff is serious – as serious as Nuclear War! Get it?

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