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 Posted: Mon Mar 11th, 2019 09:48 pm
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Joe Kelley

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This book is a direct challenge placed before each individual thinker whose thoughts have been corrupted by a specific fundamental deception. If there is a choir, a number of individual thinkers whose thoughts have not been corrupted by this deception, then this book preaches to that choir. In either case, each individual will be challenged, I hope. Each reasoning mind will be challenged, perhaps sufficiently enough to empower, or inspire, greater care in the employment of independent thought. Keep the power flowing to the internal bullshit detector, please. That bullshit detector empowers basic reason, affording reasonable thought, and avoiding unreasonable thoughtless action.

The specific fundamental deception that has passed so many individual bullshit detectors is the deception that arrives in each individual mind as an immoral - criminal - intention disguised as the opposite, moral, defensive, intention. There are many ways to communicate this fact: by demonstration, by analogy, by metaphor, and art. The range of effectiveness in reaching the goal of accurately transferring the intended communication is reasonably wide. On one end of the scale are pathetic efforts that reach the opposite result: failed efforts that help cover up the deception instead of exposing it. On the other end of the same scale are examples of the best artful communications that measurably win the hearts and minds of millions. Individuals are thereby armed with a clear and accurate accounting of this specific deception, and all those many individuals constitute a total power that will work to avoid harm caused by this deception.

This book can be placed somewhere on that scale of effectiveness. This book can be compared to the Little Red Riding Hood, the Wizard of Oz, the Emperor's New Clothes, or compared to the Gulag Archipelago by Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn. The basic message is the same, the particulars in this book will be specific, non-fiction, and backed up with many important words quoted from the official records. Here, says the storyteller, the speaker, the author, is the information that is bullshit, and there are the people fooled by that bullshit. There are costs charged to the believers of falsehood, very heavy costs. Those costs are on the official records, they are very accurately measured costs, measurable in calories. This book intends to challenge the people who pay those costs for failing to keep power flowing to each individual bullshit detector, to challenge them to see the deception that causes those costs. This book also intends to instruct everyone who will hear the message that a way out of this mess is not only possible, it is simple. The concept of exchanging this type of information is exemplified in a phrase: “One if by land, two if by sea.”

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