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Court of Record  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Nov 14th, 2017 09:18 am
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Joe Kelley

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2:20 AM

The idea here is to bookmark an idea.

Why is there NOT a competition of government service: meaning the real concept of government, and not meaning the FAKE criminal version of "government?"

What would that real government competition look like?

How about:

Court of Record.org
Court of Record.net
Court of Record.gov


Witness Testimony.org
Witness Testimony.net
Witness Testimony.gov


Live Crime Scene Stream Upload.org
Live Crime Scene Stream Upload.net
Live Crime Scene Stream Upload.gov

Think along the lines of the rise of all the other forms of Information Interconnectivity, along with Memory Storage, that is beginning to Serve Mankind: such as:

Medical Symptoms and Treatment.org
Medical Symptoms and Treatment.net
Medical Symptoms and Treatment.gov


How To Fix a Car.org
How to Fix a Car.net
How to Fix a Car.gov


Lost And Found.org
Lost And Found.net
Lost And Found.gov


Amber Alert.org
Amber Alert.net
Amber Alert.gov


Price Watch.org
Price Watch.net
Price Watch.gov


Scam Hotline.org
Scam Hotline.net
Scam Hotline.gov



Now going back to Court of Record with .com, or net, or .org, or .gov, or .cor, or all of the possible competitive examples at once:

The best at offering the service are moved to the top of the list, on the first page, when the user searches for the best at offering th4e service: as is the customary, routine, way of building the competitive searching services: NOT the counterfeit, non-service, non-searching, FAKE versions of search engines.


User is currently suffering injury done by a criminal (who may or may not have a badge, license, title, or other false claim of government authority), so the criminal is actively perpetrating a crime, and the user records, or has some witness recording, the perpetrator (red handed) during the crime.

The user links to the service so as to record, and keep safe, the live upstream of the crime in progress, where the criminal is caught red handed, and the evidence of the crime in progress is stored for later use in the Court of Record.

Chew on that awhile, please.

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