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 Posted: Fri Sep 29th, 2017 02:53 pm
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Joe Kelley

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What gets me in a position to accurately identify hypocrisy charged to those who know at least as much as is offered in that "Are you a Domestic Terrorist" message, is the fact that when most people on the Patriot side of things, or the freedom in liberty side of things, or the justice, due process, equal protection of the law side of things, are - when patriots are - presented with the facts that prove (beyond reasonable doubt because the facts amount to confessions) that the U.S. Constitution of 1787/89 was the recorded moment when America fell from grace, lost its soul, and made a deal with the devil, to become this Dictatorial, Tyrannical, Oppressive, Criminal (under the color of law), anti-democratic, anti-republican, anti-law and order, counterfeit, regime, for Empire, run by slave traders, war mongers, central banking frauds, and drug pushers: a criminal cabal in corporate form - when presented with the facts that prove the criminality of the Constitution of 1787/89 - most patriots in the patriot movement, or the occupy movement, or any of the movements claiming to move from criminality under the color of law, and claiming to move toward rule of law, they, almost every one so far, roll their eyes, and turn color, turning their color back into the shade of blind belief in falsehood without question, like good drones, like good sheep, like good Nazis.


The simple fact that the Constitution of 1787/89 was the turning point to stop the forces that worked to abolish slavery, and to use the power stolen from those forces to enforce slavery - a simple fact proven by confession no less - is cause to act in defense, and cause to act in opposition to those people responsible, and accountable, for that turning point in American history, but people, good people for the most part, refuse to even entertain the possibility that the proof (confessions no less) is valid, correct, accurate, real, and therefore constituting probable cause to get in gear onto a straighter path, instead of being directed onto a crocked, warped, path, dictated into being in 1787/89.

Someone hearing "The Constitution of 1787/89 is a crime scene," is for the most part someone willfully ignoring the plain truth of the matter.

Furthermore, if the deceptions which started in American in 1787/89 are so deeply ingrained into the human genetic form today, what quality, and what quantity does that fact entail?

From a position in which it has already been concluded (proven beyond reasonable doubt) that the soul of America was lost in 1787/89, and Americans were put off the path of truth, justice, and the American way (which was the American way before 1787/89), and Americans were put instead onto the Hamster Wheel, with a stick slapping Americans into criminal actions from behind, and a never to be eaten (counterfeit) carrot spurring on Americans to trample over other Americans on the same Hamster Wheel, forever chasing the elusive golden ring, which can only result in greater suffering, higher cost of living, and lower standards of living, because the Hamster Wheel drives a generator (Central Bank Extortion Racket) that sucks all the wealth that can be stolen out of the American economy, and FUNDS, empowers, pays-for, never ending aggressive war for profit: Empire.

That Hamster Wheel was built in 1787/89, and so long as Americans obey the order to pay into that Hamster Wheel, and do so without question, the generator generates more, and more, and more piles of millions of innocent lives, cut down, or shackled, or tortured to death.

Let there be no mistaking this fact, the evidence is overwhelming to the point of a farce for people to refuse to see the mounting piles of mass graves all over the world, accountable to the Hamster Wheel built in 1787/89.

The Hamster Wheel amounts to a parasite sucking out all the blood of the American Economy, the American Productive Engine, which could have been driven by such ideals as the abolition of slavery, whereby people create and employ their hard earned purchasing power (wealth) charitably, because they can, because it is in their soul to do so, but instead, since 1787/89, whatever purchasing power could be stolen, through the Central Banking Fraud and Extortion Racket, which must be enforced with some form of Compulsory (slavery) Transfer of Purchasing Power (tax) from those who produce it, to those who run the Hamster Wheel - whatever power could be stolen - was stolen, and the Hamster Wheel became more powerful since 1787/89, while those still in command of their soul, grew less powerful. Think about it next time you, or someone else, serves that crime scene known as The Constitution of 1787/89: please. Remember also, it was the people for the abolition of slavery, and the people against the Constitution of 1787/89, who were responsible, and accountable for, The Bill of Rights.

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