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 Moderated by: Joe Kelley
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 Posted: Wed Jan 4th, 2006 04:28 pm
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
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“Remember then: there is only one time that is important – Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.” (Leo Tolstoy)




    63. Deliberative bodies, such as Legislatures, Congresses, Conventions, Courts, etc., are not, scientifically speaking, are not government, which is simply coercive force. But, inasmuch as that force should never be employed without a deliberate reference to its legitimate object, and upon which all available wisdom should be brought to bear, a Deliberative Council, acting before or with the government, seems highly expedient if not indispensable.

    64. Moreover there are subjects now before us, and continually arising, on which, by timely forethought, violent issues may be prevented from arising, and many most important subjects may be adjusted by counsel alone, without any appeal to force.

    65. Such Counselors should not be tempted by unearned salaries and honors, nor by compensation measured by the necessities or weakness and defenselessness of their clients; nor should they consist of those who, like editors of news, can make more money by wars and other calamities than they can by peace and general prosperity, but let the Counselors be those who are willing to wait, like tillers of the soil, for compensation according to the quantity and quality of their work. Let compensation or honors come in the form of voluntary contributions AFTER but not before benefits have been realized.

    66. It is therefore suggested that any person, of either sex, who may coincide with this proposition, and who feels competent to give Counsel in any department of human affairs, publicly announce the fact, as lawyers and physicians now do, or permit their names and functions to be made accessible to the public in some manner, so that whoever may need honest counsel on any subject may know where to find it. If a meeting of such Counselors is thought desirable by any interested party, he or she can invite such as are thought to be most competent for the occasion, according to the subject to be considered.

    67. These Counselors, while in session, would constitute a deliberative assembly, or advisory tribunal. It might consist of both sexes or either sex, according to the nature of the subject to be deliberated upon.

    68. After deliberation, or whenever any interested party feels ready to make up an opinion, let him or her write it down with the reasons for it, and present it to the Counselors and the audience, for their signatures, and let the document go forth to the public or to the interested parties. If there are several such documents, those having the signatures of counselors or persons most known to be reliable would have the most weight; but, in order to ensure any influence or benefit from either, let compensation come to the Counselors like that to Rowland Hill, in voluntary contributions after the benefits of the opinions have, to some extent, been realized.

    69. After having thus brought the best experience and well-balanced counsels to bear upon any subject without satisfying all parties, every person has a Sovereign right to differ from all the opinions of the tribunal while not invading or disturbing other persons or property.

    76. This absolute right of Sovereignty in every individual, over his or her person, time, and property is the only rule or principle known to this writer that is not subject to exceptions and failures as a regulator of human intercourse. It is very often, however, impossible in our complicated entanglements, for one or some to exercise this right without violating the same right in others. We will ask our Counselors to examine DISINTEGRATION as tile remedy!

    77. We will ask them what constitutes legitimate property? We will ask them for the least violent mode of securing land to the homeless and starving. Also, what would constitute the just reward of LABOR? We shall invite them to consider what ought to be the circulating medium, or Money? How it happens that the producers and makers of everything have comparatively nothing? And we shall ask them for some mode of Adapting Supplies to Demands-- For a better Postal system-- For a more Equitable system of buying and selling-- For a programme of Education in accordance with the Democratic principle.

    78. And we will ask them, What will be the use of Congresses, Legislatures, and Courts of Law.

    79. These are some of the subjects that must immediately employ the best minds, if the "American Experiment" is not to prove a total failure. Not to say that the best minds have not been employed upon them, but that the required solutions were impossible without the aid of very recent, though very simple, developments.

    80. A Conservatory and Library will naturally spring up, where the records of the tribunal decisions and other contributions to public welfare will be preserved for reference and diffusion; and the world will begin to know its benefactors.

    82. When the simply wise shall sit in calm deliberation, patiently tracing out the complicated and entangled CAUSES of avarice, of robberies, of murders, of wars, of poverty, of desperation, of suicides, of Slaveries and fraud, violence and suffering of all kinds, and shall have found appropriate and practical means of PREVENTING instead of punishing them, then the Military will be the fitting messengers of relief and harbingers of security and of peace, of order and unspeakable benefits wherever their footsteps are found; and, instead of being the desolators of the world, they will be hailed from far and near as the blessed benefactors of mankind.

    83. Those who may dissent from these views are, in that act, exercising the "inalienable right" which has no exceptions; and they may perceive that they are thus assisting in the scientific inauguration of EQUITABLE FREEDOM.

    86. It will be seen, by some at least, that each individual assuming his or her share of the deciding power or government as proposed, the great "American idea" may be practically realized; and that the ever-disturbing problem of the "balance of political power" becomes solved, and security for person and property (the great proposed object of all governments) prospectively attained.

    87. If others see in this only the 'inauguration of Anarchy," let no attempt be made to urge them into conformity, but let them freely and securely await the results of demonstration. (Josiah Warren, True Civilization, 1863, Boston, Mass.)

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 Posted: Mon Jun 5th, 2006 05:30 pm
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
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A litmus test is a test used to determine if one thing is one thing specifically and specifically not something else.  

A litmus test is a true or false question answered. 

The test proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, the answer; true or false. 

The shadow of doubt can be further tested and reasonably so. 

One could test a litmus test today and continue testing until Dooms Day and if one test shows up false, then, that test could also be tested. If that false test proves true the second time, then, the shadow of doubt is, again, a mere shadow. 

I have discovered a litmus test for people.  

A lie detector for people is nice no?

Truth welcomes any voluntary competition. 

Falsehood enforces exclusion of all competition. 

Those two statements constitute a litmus test for anyone anytime from now until Dooms Day. 

Try it out. 

True or false: 

Truth welcomes any voluntary competition. 

If a person answers - false, then, does one welcome any voluntary competition or does one defend their answer by excluding any competition? 

One may prefer to answer – maybe – or – none of the above. 

The ‘none of the above’ answer is not an answer or, in practical terms, the answer is – truth does not exist. If truth does not exist then how does one choose to eat or breathe? 

How about the other litmus test: 

True or false 

Falsehood enforces exclusion of all competition. 

If a person answers – false, then, how does falsehood remain false? 

If falsehood welcomes any voluntary competition, then, in time; the falsehood will be exposed as false, otherwise, the falsehood remains true. 

I’m leading into a specific litmus test to be used on any person who professes to know the truth about money and currency or more accurately – the truth about power. 

If anyone professes to know the truth about power, currency or money, then, the following will be a litmus test for that person. Anyone can administer the test to anyone else if they were inclined to know the truth about money, currency, and power. 

One can test oneself. 

I did. 

Money, Currency, and Power Litmus tests: 

Litmus test question one: 

Is fuel, such as gasoline, sunlight, air, food, etc. money? 

If the answer is no, then, the answer is false. 

If there is no answer, then, the answer is self-evidently false for the person providing no answer. 

Litmus test question number two: 

Is current, such as electricity, gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, sunlight, etc. currency?

Again; if the answer is no, then, the answer is false and no answer is self-evidently false. 

If a person wants to test the true answer with a welcome competitive example then the following should provide the fuel and current needed to confirm the truth of the matter on power, money, and currency. 

A person can now become a money, currency, and power farmer, producer, banker, or whatever label suits the individual doing the deed.  

One can use a copy machine to print dollar bills. 

Is that false power, money, and false currency? What if one manages to get away with it from day one until Dooms Day? Is that still false money? 

One can use a pan to sift out gold and then use that gold to cover lead bars, and coins, with a thin coating of gold. 

Is that false money from now until Dooms Day? 

One can use a solar panel to make electricity and one can use electricity to make hydrogen based fuel out of waste and water. 

Is that power, money, and currency? 

If the economics professor answers at all, then, I’d be very surprised. If the answer is no, then, the economics professor has failed the litmus test. The no answer is almost as bad as the non answer. At least the non-answer is self-evidently false.

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