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 Posted: Sun Nov 24th, 2013 12:10 pm
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6401
I met Art yesterday, and he helped me find more evidence lending support to the concept of defending the innocent from the worst that mankind has to offer.

Art speaks Russian and English (perhaps other languages too) and we met in Los Angeles for lunch. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Art offered a challenge for me to read a book; which I have not yet ordered.

But the author of the book may be the same author who wrote the following:

The Hidden Evil

There are many other Organized Stalking sites available, some are international & multilingual. They can easily be found by using the yahoo search engine & typing in phrases such as, "Organized Stalking" "Gang Stalking" or "Vigilante Stalking." You will find several sites which will offer a wealth of information on the subject.

That is another challenge. I'll use Google which may be more competitive than Yahoo.

For Organized Stalking:
About 2,410,000 results (0.21 seconds)

For Gang Stalking:
About 1,600,000 results (0.13 seconds)

For Vigilante Stalking:
About 201,000 results (0.27 seconds)

The more popular (gaining more currency) is Organized Stalking, so how about a look into one of those links?

Sometimes I like to go to the top of the lists when searching with a Search Engine.

Information for people for whom this crime is a new issue

In that link is a link that is linked so as to lend credibility to the information offered:

U.S. Department of Justice

In other words the information exists in an "official" manner, so claims of "Conspiracy Theory" as being a "hoax" or rantings of a lunatic, are claims made by someone preferring to remain ignorant for some reason? Note the question mark.

So, due diligence, I went deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole by following the links offered in the first link in this report by me, and now I will go back to that first link reported by me, and see where that offer of information goes; in other words I am redirecting my investigation away from the goal of "inspecting credible sources" and back to the goal of finding what the author, Mark Rich, offers in the work titled:

The Hidden Evil (not the book in print, but the .pdf on the WWW)


Throughout this document I will be presenting evidence on what I believe are highly organized, covert state-sponsoredharassment campaigns, being carried out on unwitting & unwilling people across North America. After reading this document you may draw your own conclusions based on my supporting evidence. If an identifying characteristic of an individual or organization appears in any section of this report, it is presented absent malice, & is based on my opinion.

There are people who will have a vested interest in discrediting me & the information in this report. The information in this document will be painful to most people. Some of the information will be scary. I do not present the information for the purpose of scaring you, but it is a peripheral result of explaining something this repulsive in detail. It appears that the more areas of a horrific phenomenon you attempt to illuminate, the more you discover how horrifying it really is.
Art is a victim, of that I have no doubt, and to ignore his effort to report the victimization of Art would be, in my opinion, unconscionable. But I am the type of person who went to Los Angeles to a meeting advertized as the Survivors of Waco tell their own story; and I can go on and on about how that investigation went; leading me to run for Congress.

So the horror, and the terror, of our life on Earth can be ignored while it is not you, at the moment, being a target of specific interest.

We are all targets if we use the Fraud Money (Federal Reserve Notes) and pay the Extortion Fee (IRS), and there is no way that anyone can claim to be unaffected by those crimes in progress. Either your opinion is that the Fraud Money and the Extortion Fee that YOU PAY is your voluntary investment, or your opinion does not exist: you merely PAY without thinking, or you are of the opinion that you are a victim to the crime of FRAUD and the crime of EXTORTION as a documented fact meticulously recorded on paper and in digital accounts employing simple math.

They say PAY this much; you PAY that much: end of controversy.

So some people, like the people in Waco, in a church, are of greater interest to other people, those other people who burn their targets alive after torturing their targets for some time reaching for months of terror, horror, torture, and then being burned alive.

What can be done to stop the madness MADE LEGAL?

Ignore it and hope it will go away?

Words to ponder

From time immemorial man has been made in such a way that his vision of the world, so long as it has not been instilled under hypnosis, his motivations and scale of values, his actions and intentions are determined by his personal and group experience of life. As the Russian saying goes, "Do not believe your brother, believe your own crooked eye." And that is the most sound basis for an understanding of the world around us and of human conduct in it. And during the long epochs when our world lay spread out in mystery and wilderness, before it became encroached by common lines of communication, before it was transformed into a single, convulsively pulsating lump - men, relying on experience, ruled without mishap within their limited areas, within their communities, within their societies, and finally on their national territories. At that time it was possible for individual human beings to perceive and accept a general scale of values, to distinguish between what is considered normal, what incredible; what is cruel and what lies beyond the boundaries of wickedness; what is honesty, what deceit. And although the scattered peoples led extremely different lives and their social values were often strikingly at odds, just as their systems of weights and measures did not agree, still these discrepancies surprised only occasional travellers, were reported in journals under the name of wonders, and bore no danger to mankind which was not yet one.
I told Art my story as best I can sum it up in an afternoon while eating. I can tell that story, summed up again, in other words.

Aggressive violence upon the targeted innocent is not the competitive way to solve the problem of innocent people being aggressively injured by criminals. We cannot, in other words, expect to defend the innocent from criminals by our decision to become criminals.

Finances are not the problem. I told the story I like to tell about the Egyptians who managed to make Pyramids in their spare time, and if they can do that, then we can afford to defend ourselves from frauds, extortionists, and other types of criminals.

This is where my meeting with Art in Los Angeles was especially enlightening for me, and I don't know if Art was on the same page as this idea formed into coherence while we discussed our situation.

This third item on a short list may take some time and effort on my part to convey, with English, in such a way as the idea is transferable without loss of meaning.

The subject of economy always manages to find a way to invade any specific human endeavor, such as defense of the innocent against criminals. Art tells me that taking away the flow of power flowing to the Criminals and flowing from the Victims is problematic because the Criminals have so much POWER already stolen, and therefore their POWER is immense at this point in time.

I answer, that is not the point. I did not use these words in type, and the words I used in speech may not have managed to convey the message intended.

The point is that we are no longer powerless because we keep the power we earn.

So that is the message to anyone, anywhere, whereupon the innocent victims feel powerless, helpless, and in no way able to defend themselves, let alone defend children who are even less powerful. Keep the power you earn, don't send the power you earn to the Criminals, and then you will have more power.

NOT and specifically NOT entertain the idea that you will PUNISH anyone by TAKING from anyone.

The mindset required is REJECTION of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and rely upon THE GOLDEN RULE instead.


Art, and many other victims, are rendered powerless because their power, their energy, is stolen from them, including the power of knowing better from worse.


A problem such as aggressive violence upon the innocent cannot be solved by the innocent becoming criminals.

Failing to realize better from worse.

I do not know if my words can help anyone, but my days of MAKING MONEY are in my past. I am now old (55 at this time), and my body is not what it used to be, so words may be the only thing I have left to offer in this Animated Contest of Freedom.

I tried to tell Art this information about me. I am almost powerless, but the 1st Amendment to The Constitution was offered for a reason. I think I know why.

Me, me, me, I do so hate my being only me, using the word I, I, I, as I do this, and I do that, as if I am someone special.

The realization of something important occurred to me while speaking with Art, along the same lines of retaining POWER rather than giving up POWER, as POWER flows from earners to thieves. I tried to tell Art about the concept, as it is not new.

I told Art about this:

Common Sense

I tried to restate the following words as I spoke with Art:

Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer. Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise.

Now, please, see this, if this can be conveyed well enough:

The injury of having so many people fail to see this is perhaps significant.

Many people fear having their JOBS stolen by foreigners invading our JOB MARKET.

That is a sentence in English by the way.


Many people fear having their JOBS stolen by foreigners invading our JOB MARKET.

That is  a particularly destructive falsehood.

Now I have to borrow words from someone else, and TIME and EFFORT employed by any individual seeking LIBERTY instead of CRIME MADE LEGAL may resist the temptation to actually read the following words, but I warn someone, anyone, so disposed to "listen to the song of that siren," whereby there is resistance to the inspiration to actually READ (do so at your own cost):

American Patriot

First in the importance of its evil influence they considered the money monopoly, which consists of the privilege given by the government to certain individuals, or to individuals holding certain kinds of property, of issuing the circulating medium, a privilege which is now enforced in this country by a national tax of ten per cent., upon all other persons who attempt to furnish a circulating medium, and by State laws making it a criminal offense to issue notes as currency. It is claimed that the holders of this privilege control the rate of interest, the rate of rent of houses and buildings, and the prices of goods, – the first directly, and the second and third indirectly. For, say Proudhon and Warren, if the business of banking were made free to all, more and more persons would enter into it until the competition should become sharp enough to reduce the price of lending money to the labor cost, which statistics show to be less than three-fourths of one per cent. In that case the thousands of people who are now deterred from going into business by the ruinously high rates which they must pay for capital with which to start and carry on business will find their difficulties removed. If they have property which they do not desire to convert into money by sale, a bank will take it as collateral for a loan of a certain proportion of its market value at less than one per cent. discount. If they have no property, but are industrious, honest, and capable, they will generally be able to get their individual notes endorsed by a sufficient number of known and solvent parties; and on such business paper they will be able to get a loan at a bank on similarly favorable terms. Thus interest will fall at a blow. The banks will really not be lending capital at all, but will be doing business on the capital of their customers, the business consisting in an exchange of the known and widely available credits of the banks for the unknown and unavailable, but equality good, credits of the customers and a charge therefor of less than one per cent., not as interest for the use of capital, but as pay for the labor of running the banks. This facility of acquiring capital will give an unheard of impetus to business, and consequently create an unprecedented demand for labor, – a demand which will always be in excess of the supply, directly to the contrary of the present condition of the labor market. Then will be seen an exemplification of the words of Richard Cobden that, when two laborers are after one employer, wages fall, but when two employers are after one laborer, wages rise. Labor will then be in a position to dictate its wages, and will thus secure its natural wage, its entire product. Thus the same blow that strikes interest down will send wages up. But this is not all. Down will go profits also. For merchants, instead of buying at high prices on credit, will borrow money of the banks at less than one per cent., buy at low prices for cash, and correspondingly reduce the prices of their goods to their customers. And with the rest will go house-rent. For no one who can borrow capital at one per cent. with which to build a house of his own will consent to pay rent to a landlord at a higher rate than that. Such is the vast claim made by Proudhon and Warren as to the results of the simple abolition of the money monopoly.

Do you understand the meaning of those words? Forget about all the knee jerking that may be going on in your subconscious for the time it may take to actually understand the meaning of those words offered in English.

In other words, if our POWER was not stolen from us, we could employ each other as investigators who investigate crimes perpetrated by some of us upon some of us.

Growth Industry?

Are you listening?



Why is discussion absent?

Can you not see that discussion is now, in a practical sense, against the (false) Law power?

What good is a RIGHT, a God given RIGHT, such as the RIGHT declared in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution (so called) if too few of us use it?

Empty Forums are Ubiquitous? 

I must return to the Rat Race as there are so many throats left to cut?

Further investigation and For listeners if not for readers

Another link on Gang Stalking and DEW (Direct Energy Weapons):


Back to Hidden Evil with a quote and a book:

Several mind-control survivors have written books. One MKULTRA survivor named Cathy Obrien wrote a book with Mark Phillips (former CIA operative) called, Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. It is a well-documented account of her dealings
with the system & the trouble she encountered (people covering up for it) while
trying to expose mind-control abuses committed against her & her daughter. Her case was thrown out of U.S. courts for reasons of national security. She & Mark believe that the national security act of 1947 is being used to cover crimes & should be dismantled.
Book link: Access Denied for Reasons of National Security

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 Posted: Mon Sep 2nd, 2019 04:50 pm
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6401
Case 1:17-cv-02003 Document 1-4 Filed 03/20/17

Plaintiffs, by and through their undersigned counsel, hereby alledge:

1. Plaintiffs are the surviving spouses, children, parents, siblings and estate representatives of the victims murdered in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States (the “September 11th Attacks”) and individuals who suffered personal injuries in the September 11th Attacks.

2. Plaintiffs bring this action against the defendant Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the 2016 Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorist Act (JASTA), which Congress enacted over a Presidential veto

to provide civil litigants with the broadest possible basis, consistent with the Constitution of the United States, to seek relief against...foreign countries, wherever acting and wherever they may be found, that have provided material support, directly or indirectly, to foreign organizations or persons that engage in terrorist activities against the United States…

28 U.S.C. &2333 note; as a result, JASTA established federal court jurisdiction over the tortious acts of a foreign state anywhere in the world that cause injury and death in a terrorist attack in the United States.

3. Plaintiffs seek such relief against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the attributable acts of the Kingdom’s governmental Ministries and bodies, alter-egos, and officers, employees and agents acting within the scope of their office, employment or agency by knowingly providing material support and resources to the al Qaeda terrorist organization and facilitating the September 11th Attacks, in that, as set forth in detail herein, they:


In 2003, Cozen O’Connor filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of dozens of insurers who paid out billions in compensation for property damage and other injuries resulting from the Sept. 11 attacks, seeking to hold accountable alleged material sponsors and supporters of the al Qaeda terrorist organization. Several thousand family members of those killed in the attacks and injured survivors also filed parallel suits. The lawsuits were consolidated into a multi-district litigation proceeding captioned In Re Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001, Civil Action No. 03-MDL-1570. Cozen O’Connor was appointed by the Court to Co-Chair the Executive Committee established to prosecute the litigation on behalf of all plaintiffs.
Among other claims advanced in the sprawling litigation, the 9/11 families and victims have alleged that agents and employees of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided assistance to certain of the 9/11 hijackers and plotters. The 9/11 plaintiffs have further alleged that al Qaeda’s development into a sophisticated terrorist organization was fueled principally by financial and operational support from “da’wa organizations” established and sponsored by the Saudi government – commonly described as alleged “charities.”
The case has been pending for more than a decade. The procedural history is labyrinth. There are more than 3,000 docket entries or court filings, all of which are readily available to the public in the form of PDFs linked to the docket entries at pacer.gov.

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