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 Posted: Wed Mar 25th, 2020 04:54 pm
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Next up is a statement that appears to suggest that "home rule" is a good thing, so long as "home rule" means a nebulous power to "vote" for a representative who is then afforded absolute power to RULE, and there is no mention whatsoever as to what all the people have as their power to keep the RULERS checked, accounted for, and bound within moral boundaries.

That power was, and is, the common law trial by jury, law of the land, due process, whereby the people as a whole (public thing) are represented in every lawful jury by randomly selecting 12 members of the whole who must unanimously decide if any law can be authorized to set in motion the dogs of war upon any one, any time, any place, and without this unanimous consent of the whole people, in each county, in each case, in each accusation, in each following of the rules governing due process, whenever someone, or some group, claiming to be "the government," or not making such claims, desires punishment inflicted upon anyone.

The people, in each
county, in each jury, can say no, and that representative unanimity of the whole body of people is the final say so, when the law of the land is the true, and not the counterfeit version of the law of the land.