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 Posted: Sun Nov 4th, 2018 04:46 pm
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Nationalists are bad, and they are not Republicans, as explained by a democratic, republican, federalist:

"The gentlemen who oppose the constitution, or contend for amendments in it, are frequently, and with much bitterness, charged with wantonly attacking the men who framed it. The unjustness of this charge leads me to make one observation upon the conduct of parties, &c. Some of the advocates are only pretended federalists; in fact they wish for an abolition of the state governments. Some of them I believe to be honest federalists, who wish to preserve substantially the state governments united under an efficient federal head; and many of them are blind tools without any object. Some of the opposers also are only pretended federalists, who want no federal government, or one merely advisory. Some of them are the true federalists, their object, perhaps, more clearly seen, is the same with that of the honest federalists; and some of them, probably, have no distinct object. We might as well call the advocates and opposers tories and whigs, or any thing else, as federalists and anti-federalists. To be for or against the constitution, as it stands, is not much evidence of a federal disposition; if any names are applicable to the parties, on account of their general politics, they are those of republicans and anti-republicans. The opposers are generally men who support the rights of the body of the people, and are properly republicans. The advocates are generally men not very friendly to those rights, and properly anti-republicans."

Federal Farmer:
An Additional Number of Letters to the Republican
May 02, 1788

That was Richard Henry Lee who was the 6th President when the States were republics, and those republics agreed to form a federation of republics.

To be republican then, as now, means to be for the public as a whole: the public thing is the original meaning of the word from Latin: respublica.

It is entirely possible to be democratic, and therefore a democrat, because democrats are for the people being the government ourselves, while at the same time be a republican, because we are the government and we consent to forming a republican government, which is a republican government if it remains for the people as a whole, not for special interest groups which are division of the whole people, not for one group at the expense of another group, which would be anti-republican, as well as anti-democratic.

Nationalism, as in the Nazi example of National Socialism, are for a special interest, a master race if you will, at the expense of anyone getting in their way, or at the expense of whoever can be captured, enslaved, into funding such an organization, which is a criminal organization, a criminal organization that operates under the color of law: fake government.

So history teaches how criminal Nationalists (slave traders, central banking frauds, warmongers, etc.) had to hide behind a fake, or counterfeit "federal" label, in order to subsidize their special interest in slavery, money fraud, and profiting from wars of aggression. The criminals called themselves the Federalist Party, which was anti-democratic, anti-republican, and simply criminal.

Those who were then inspired to oppose the fake Federalists actually called their party the Democratic Republican Party, and they killed the first central bank.