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 Posted: Fri Sep 21st, 2018 01:05 pm
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OK Tim Sez, well, it ought to be interesting if the idea (the interest) is to defend against criminals running fake governments. As reported in the Essay on The Trial by Jury the people knew (some still know) how to defend against criminals running fake governments, in essence, that means that the people themselves knew how to govern government; and that process was, and still is, the accurate accounting of what was known as the law of the land, or by another name: the common law, with trial by the country, or trial by jury, whereby the people themselves, through their juries, held everyone, including people in the government, to account for any crime done by anyone to anyone else anywhere and any time: leaving no one unprotected: equal protection.

So that is interesting, or knowable, or of importance to someone wanting to know how to fix a known problem whereby criminals create and maintain a fake version of government. The people knew, in England, before Magna Carta, and before King John turned England into an organized crime cabal, perpetrating very serious crimes against humanity, all done under the color of law.

Much like England before the criminals took over in England is America, whereby Americans also figured out, and then employed, common law remedies, to hold the criminal English Government to account, and that is documented in the American Declaration of Independence, along with the documents that record the formation of the original 13 common law states, all formed as republics, and all joined voluntarily into a federation.

Much like England, the American common law governments were also usurped - the same way - and that was explained in the quoted words from that Essay on the Trial by Jury.

"That is one of the many frauds on the Common Law, and the English constitution, which have been introduced since Magna Carta. Having finally established itself in England, it has been stupidly and servilely copied and submitted to in the United States."

Stupid and servile people will not self-govern, as a matter of demonstrable fact, in every single case where criminals know very well how to exploit stupid and servile people. It isn't rocket science. It is self-evidently true, but only those who care to know will know.