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 Posted: Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 11:20 am
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Next in the report by the people claiming to be the Confederate Party is the following:

"The jurisdiction of its courts is common law and equity."

What is the history behind either one of those claims of authority? The common law history coincides with the public thing history, in Latin the common law was written as legem terrae, a literal translation is "the law of the land", which coincides with the Latin term for the public thing: res-publica. Legem terrae was due process of law whereby the people themselves, as a whole, enforce law with unanimous agreement, processed through trial by jury: the public thing.

What about so called "equity"? Equity is another name for summary justice, or what I call summary JUST-US. It is not in agreement with the public thing, as all power is exerted by a very few people who manage to become "judges" presiding over "equity court trials," and it is very instructive to trace back the reason for these "judges" to wear black robes. Equity, like Exchequer, Admiralty, Maritime, Nisi Prius, and other names meaning basically the same thing - in principle - is the anti-thesis of the public thing: it is RULE by a very small segment of the whole number of people, and as often as not these "judges" are devil worshiping baby eaters. These devil worshiping baby eaters historically know better than to declare that baby eating is lawful, so far, or at least not in recent history. These "judges" have declared, as recently as 1789, that Slavery is Legal, and if a Slave "owner" (of people) wants to eat his "livestock" (people), recently born, or matured, who is to say what an owner of livestock can do with their property? Do you get it? Is this understandable to modern fools who have been fooled by devil worshiping, black rope wearing, criminals who perpetrate crimes, routinely, under the color of law, such as subsidized slavery on your dime?