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 Posted: Wed Apr 17th, 2013 12:04 pm
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I am not as well educated as you are Sergey. I doubt if I could read

Tractatus Logico-Philosphicus by Ludwig Wittegenstein.

Well, your choice. Book is not that difficult. 'Ulysses' by James Joyce is much more difficul for example. I am not extremely well-educated by the way. True - I have batchelor grade from university (or however you name that in English) behind me, but most of my actual education is a personal effort by me. So don't overestimate it )).

could ask you for your perception on whether it is 1 or 3,
but then we would have to decide if it is 2 or 6;
we 2 (or is that us 6) could include Joe,
but then we would have to decide if it is 3 or 9;
should we ask Mike too?

How about we play a little game. You might know this one, but still, let's see if you find it as funny as I do:

Question: 2 + 2 = ?
Answer: 11
Response: Correct. Why?

Now if you manage this out without prior knowledge of it - then you get pure 'kudos' (as they say it nowadays) from me.

Joe's perception is that perception exists and that there is a perception, so indeed, perception exists.

There were also certain words about 'absolute truth'. And that is what rustles my jimmies, I made that apparent. Think about any conception in relation to it's development in scientific way. Broadening the horizon, including more facts. It changes less general theories about anything withing the conception. Perception is no different. Now think about what it is exactly that compels me to argue about all this. Is it just me messing around? Or following my 'perception'? Or maybe, just maybe, I have some knowledge that points me towards conclusions I profess, which are so hard for certain people to BEAR?