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 Posted: Wed Apr 17th, 2013 12:36 am
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But actually using it (if we talk about questionable and unnatural sexual practices) is very bad for one's health. So that makes things more tough to an extent. This joke is starting to look like one nasty euphemism so I'm gonna shut up now.

BU tit's you 'perception' that makes it vulgar, not me.

Perception exists.

It was probably during the early/mid 90's when I was in a meeting with the Russian scientists. It was the beginning effort for the Space Shuttle to doc with MIR. I had to document minutes to the discussion of safety issues and mitigations. Government work includes a lot of paper pushing...after tain't their money their spending.

I did alot of smiling. I wonder what they thought? I was willy-nilly wearing my feelings on my sleeves, or I was a friendly American happy to have the opportunity to be present in the room of such reknown scientists making history?

I was just a technical writer and an engineering aid. But I found the work very interesting.

I am not as well educated as you are Sergey. I doubt if I could read

Tractatus Logico-Philosphicus by Ludwig Wittegenstein.

but no worries, I do not need his mathematic equations to prove perception exists. You my well-read Russian Friend who understands all that stuff, have already told me so:

BU tit's you 'perception' that makes it vulgar, not me.

tis only my perception...and I can count to 1...or would that be 3: Me, Myself, and I?

I could ask you for your perception on whether it is 1 or 3,
but then we would have to decide if it is 2 or 6;
we 2 (or is that us 6) could include Joe,
but then we would have to decide if it is 3 or 9;
should we ask Mike too?

Is too a number or a word?

If I asked you that question audibly, what would be your perception?

Oh no, now we have to start multiplying the number of perceptions each person holds along with deciding how many people each person really is.

Joe's perception is that perception exists and that there is a perception, so indeed, perception exists.